Everyone is Important – Spiritual Address by Pauline Wing

Hello, everyone. It’s lovely to be back here again. So what I wanted to talk about today is patience within ourselves and how we feel about that. So many of us maybe don’t have patience with other people, we want everything to be done quick. But we’ve also got to learn to have patience with ourselves. It’s all part of loving ourselves and accepting ourselves as we are.

Because how many times do we see other people doing things, excelling at things? And we think to ourselves, ‘I wish I could do that!’ But what we’ve got to realise is that the world wouldn’t be as it is, if everyone was the same. We are all different levels. We all pay a different part in the workings of the Earth. Many, many years ago and I’m going back thousands of years or maybe hundreds with tribes.

Everyone played a part and there may be tribes in other countries now where there’s no such thing as money. And what happens there is that they all partake, they all do their own thing, they all play a part in their community, and so everyone does their own little thing. So although now we have in the Western world, we have money and it’s a monetary community. We still play a part in different ways. That’s why we all have different work. We have people from our cleaners to our managers, but everyone plays a part.

Everyone is important. So we shouldn’t judge ourselves and what we can’t do or what we can do. And because we see people that like learning all the time and juggle things and do so many different things, and we might be able to cope with one or two things. And as I say, we are all different, I’m not domesticated I absolutely hate it! but I like organising things. So that’s where sometimes partnerships coming together might have one who likes organising, one who could tidy up so as to say the same thing within a family.

Everyone has their own little bit, but you come one as a whole and that’s how we are spiritually on this earth. We’re all little minuscule microbes that all come together as one and every little microbe plays its part. So don’t get frustrated if things go wrong or you can’t do things that other people can, because if you can’t do it, there’ll be someone there to help you do it. But there could be things other people can’t do that you can help them with, whether it’s phoning things up, sending emails, writing letters, talking to someone on behalf of someone, there’s certain things that we can do.

So it’s like doing an exchange. So you might be able to help someone with one thing and they could help you with something else. So don’t knock yourself, be patient. Don’t always be in a hurry to get things done, because, again, it’s like having lots of things juggling and then we’re all going like 100mph. And I know this is with myself at the moment because I own a wellbeing centre in Hertfordshire and we’re due to reopen again this week.

And after four months my head is going, oh my goodness, it’s all happening. It’s all falling into place. Everything is all ready for us to reopen. But it’s just like, oh, my God, how am I going to cope? How am I going to juggle everything? But it all falls into place. So it’s just being patient. It will happen. And it’s when you’re waiting for something, it will happen. It will sort itself out.

And if you’ve got a good team of people around you, everyone playing their part. So don’t think you’re not important that you’re just nothing when everybody else seems to be able to do so many things and learn something and be clever at things, we are all unique in our own special way. So don’t get upset and have a bit of patience with yourself if you’ll take longer to learn things or to do things than anybody else. We all have our part to play, you are just as equal as anybody else.

So it doesn’t matter how small what you can do. It’s important to be patient. And I’ll leave that with you. God bless.