Fledglings Events

Mediums have an important role in the spiritualist movement by providing a channel of communication between the earth plane and the spirit world, to enable us to bring through evidence that the soul survives after the death of the physical body.

Mediums often develop their gifts by sitting in a development circle lead by an experienced medium and, when they are ready, move on to demonstrate their spiritual gifts on the platform, and in other settings.

Fledgling Events provide a safe space for new mediums to experience working in a formal setting such as on the Church platform.

Spiritualist Fledglings Events

What is a Spiritualist Fledglings Event?

Spiritualist Fledglings Events are usually open to a public congregation and it is a great opportunity to see up-and-coming mediums.

During the event you can expect a demonstration of mediumship alongside other spiritual activities such as delivering a spirit-inspired address and prayers.

Fledgling events are led and supported by the experienced circle leader and other Church members.

A number of fledglings may work together at an event delivering clairvoyant messages from spirit to the congregation.

The atmosphere is one of curiosity, respect, and open mindedness.

Benefits of Fledgling Events

Working at a fledglings event or attending as a congregation member has many benefits.

It’s great for new mediums to develop their spiritual gift and build confidence, while the congregation provide support, love and energy, while also benefitting from the messages that come through.

Fledgling events are often less formal than a Sunday Divine Service and are great for building your links with the spiritualist community by connecting with like-minded individuals. Fledglings Events provide an opportunity to meet new people and build a supportive community.


Keep an eye on our Whats On page for upcoming Fledglings Events and if you are interested in developing your spiritual gifts, consider joining a development circle when one is available.

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