Welcome to Thundersley

A warm welcome to our Church on Bread & Cheese Hill, Thunderlsey, Essex.

Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church
Welcome to Thundersley
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Join us every Sunday at 6.30pm for Divine Service & for other special Events.


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Please Vote for Our Church!

Dear friends, We are pleased to be featured in the “Churches” Category of Spiritual Psychics TV’s Recognition Awards, and we would love it if you could vote for us! SPTV is “an independent online service working with enlightened people while producing many shows to support and entertain those who wish to watch […] broadcasts along…

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Why we are a ‘Christian Spiritualist’ Church

Why do we call ourselves a Christian Spiritualist Church? This is a question that has come up from time to time over the years. The answer is simple.  As an organisation you need to display an identity to the people who are looking for something because they want to know a bit about you before…

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Spiritual Truths – Spiritual Address by Charles Limage

Spiritualism, unlike most of the major religions is unique in that it does not have rules and regulations, creeds, dogma or unnecessary rituals. I regard Spiritualism as a religion of free will. Free will to accept what rests easy with ones understanding or reject that which does not. We are all at different levels of…

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A Spiritual Address for Christmas 2021!

Evening all, lovely to see so many of you in the Church. It’s great this Carol singing,  it sort of lifts us up high. It’s beautiful. And for those who are online, we love you. Thank you for coming along to our service. The readings we’ve had this evening have been rather special for me…

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