Welcome to Thundersley

A warm welcome to our Church on Bread & Cheese Hill, Thunderlsey, Essex.

Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church
Welcome to Thundersley
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Join us every Sunday at 6.30pm for Divine Service & for other special Events.


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1998 Dedication Service
Remembering our 1998 Dedication Service

We were delighted to find this video of the 1998 Dedication Service for the [then] new Church building!It’s nice to see many friends and supporters of the Church again including John Hicks, Rita Dulake (Tomlin), Alan, Tomlin, Sonia Mallia.Thank you to Mark for improving the sound and video. https://youtu.be/DWejs4D1lp0?si=NkYQe2jt2XaQA20K Transcription of John Hick’s Address You…

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Church Re-opens After Once in a Generation Repairs!

Saturday 3rd February 2024 Church Reopens for Coffee Morning!  Followed by Divine Service with Medium Uwe D’Rose on Sunday at 6.30pm. The committee and trustees at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church are pleased to announce the Church building will reopen from 3rd February 2024 after once-in-a-generation repairs. Information on Repairs The initial repair project was to…

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! Church Floor Fundraiser!

We are fundraising to repair and improve the floor in the kitchen and rear of the Church. The Church building requires constant maintenance which is why we fundraise throughout the year. However sometimes there are big jobs that need doing sooner rather than later, requiring us to step up our efforts. You may have noticed that the floor of the kitchen has…

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Why there is no “Membership Charge” at Thundersley CSC

You may have noticed at Thundersley we do not charge an annual membership fee.  Anyone who chooses to enter our Church is considered a ‘member’.  Here’s why: While some Spiritualist churches charge a membership fee to cover the costs of running their churches, including maintenance and utilities, purchasing supplies and other expenses, at Thundersley it…

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