Live Streaming

From March 2020, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we closed the Church Building to protect our community, began streaming a Divine Sunday Service at 6.30pm on Facebook Live.

The objective of these Live Streams is to keep connected with our congregation and maintain some normality during this difficult time of social distancing.  

However, the online broadcasts have had a much wider reach with people from anywhere in the world being welcome to join and participate through the Facebook comments.

The structure of the online service follows as closely to a Divine Service as possible.  Some songs have been removed for music licensing reasons.

We join our contributors and the guest medium safely in their homes to continue the usual prayers, healing, bible reading and spiritual address.

Our guest mediums provide readings on the video link and see the recipient’s responses within the facebook comments feed.

You can watch the service after the broadcast on our facebook page.

The live feed can also be accessed on our website without a Facebook Account.

Join Us at 6.30pm each Sunday on our Facebook Page or website, everyone is welcome.


Please Note: Facebook is a public forum, much like attending a Church service but with a wider reach.  The medium will only read those who comment to show they are willing to receive a message from Spirit.