Address During Divine Service
Each Sunday during our Divine Service, the visiting mediums gives a spiritual address to the congregation.


Over the years people have kindly donated books to the Church library for others to borrow and read.

We currently have over 100 books covering a diverse range of subjects including spirituality, Christianity, clairvoyance, healing, fiction and others.

We have recently indexed our library and the list of books is available here online:

Borrowing books
If you would like to borrow a book please remember to sign it out of the library – and don’t forget to sign it back in after.

Donating books
If you would like to donate relevant books to the library, we would be pleased to receive them, however please let us know so we can update our book index!

Suggesting books
Recently members of the Church have been suggesting titles that will modernise and extend our collection, and we have added the following books.

If you would like to suggest a book, please add it to the list in the Church.