Harvest Festivals – Supporting the Homeless

Harvest FestivalIn recent years we have collected dried and packaged food for the Southend Charity, HARP.  We also dentate the collection money from our Harvest Service.

Supporting HARP, Southend’s Homeless Charity

Our collection will be donated to HARP and we are also collecting food and other items useful to the Homeless.

HARP Southend

HARP is the independent Southend based charity that reduces homelessness by providing essential services, emergency housing and long term solutions. This enables people to rebuild their lives and live independently in the community.

HARP is a registered provider of social housing number: 4742  /  Registered Charity Number: 1098126

Animal Sunday Service 

Once a year we invite our companions from the animal kingdom to come with their owners to our Animal Service.

The collection from this service is donated to  Acres Way Boarding and Rehoming Centre in Thunderseley.

Visits to Residences/Hospitals Etc

We are always happy to arrange to visit those who cannot get to Church to offer healing, encouragement or perhaps just a listening ear where it is needed. Please do not hesitate to approach us if you feel we can be of service in any way.

Communication Book

To keep in-touch with our more vulnerable members, we have a communications book, find out more.