Healing at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church

Here at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church we offer spiritual healing. This is sometimes called the laying on of hands and some healers do gently place their hands on some parts of the body but this is done in a non-invasive way, and you will be asked if hands on is okay with you prior to you session. Some healers work within the aura which is the body’s energy field, and will hold their hands about three or four inches from the body.

The healers are channels for the universal healing power which we call God.  The healers are trained here in the church to the standard required by the Healer Practitioner Association International.  We follow the foundation course set out by them. All our healers are holders of the HPAI Healing Certificate once they are fully trained, have served their probationary period with one of our fully qualified healers and have passed the assessment procedure laid down by the HPAI.

The time that the healing takes varies as does the method, but all is equally effective.

Listening is also a form of healing.  If you feel it would help, one of our healers would be pleased to spend some time with you.  Please ask before you enter the healing room as there will be other people receiving healing and it would be hard to maintain confidentiality.

Healing is complementary to orthodox medicine and we always advise the patient to also see their GP if they haven’t already.  We do not diagnose. We do not claim to cure, but we know from experience that healing is always beneficial.

Spiritual healing can help whether the problem is physical, mental or spiritual, so why not try it.  However, we are not allowed to give hands on spiritual healing to people who have had an operation in the previous six weeks, but you can put your name in our healing book to receive healing prayers (See below).

If you would like to have healing in the church, please take a number from the table at the front, and after the service, take a seat near to the healing room door.  Our healers will invite you in when they are ready to work.

We also offer healing to animals by arrangement, so please ask if you have an animal in need of healing.

Healing Book

There is a small table at the front of the church where you will find our healing book.  If you would like us to pray for someone you know who is sick or for an animal that is unwell, please write their name in the healing book and be assured that prayers will be given as requested.