Divine Service

Every Sunday 6.30pm

What Happens on a Sunday Service?

If you are new to our Church or are unsure of what to expect, here is a step-by-step walk through of our Sunday Divine Services.


Our Sunday service begins at 6.30pm, but the doors are usually open from about 6pm so please arrive before the start of the service.

When you arrive, take a seat where-ever you feel comfortable. There is water available in glasses at the front of the Church, you are welcome to take some for the service.

During this time the Medium will be preparing in the Vestry.

Welcome and Opening Prayer

At 6.30pm a member of the Church will stand on the rostrum, welcome everyone and announce the first song – during which the medium and chair person will walk out from the vestry.

Songs & Singing

There are several songs throughout the service and we have a mixture of classic hymns and contemporary songs.

Hymn books are stored in front of your seat. Singing is not compulsory.

A sample of our songs:

  • Angels (Robbie Williams)
  • A Bridge over Troubled Waters
  • The Lord is My Shepherd

Healing Book & Healing Prayer

We believe in the power of healing, and have a healing book at the front of the Church where you can enter the names of loved ones who need our thoughts. Put your names in the book before the service starts.

During the service, the Chairperson will read out all the names in the book for that week and the congregation will observe a healing silence for 1 minute.

Find out more about Healing.

Medium’s Address

The medium will then give a philosophical address which could be on any spiritual subject, but will always be thought provoking.


During the service a free-will donation will be taken. Everyone involved with the Church donates their time free-of-charge, however sadly the Church still has electricity and other bills to pay.

Donations are collected using a bag (not a plate) and all donations go to the running of the Church.

The Collection also allows us to offer our visiting medium their expenses.


There then follows around 40 minutes of clairvoyance from the Rostrum. Not everyone in the Church will get a message, but if you do the medium and spirit world will be careful not to embarrass you.

It’s important to speak clearly to the medium as this helps build the Spiritual connection.

Closing Prayer

The service closes in prayer.

Healing & Tea

Healing is available after the service has finished. Come to the front of the Church and take a number. Find out more about Healing.

Then take a seat outside the healing room. We also have tea and biscuits before you head home.

Other Info


We are very lucky to have a dedicated Church building and car park, however this can become full quickly.


There are Male, Female and Disabled Toilets accessbile from the main Church hall.

Hearing Loop

We are also very lucky to have a Hearing Loop system compatible with the T setting on hearing Aids.


While the front of the Church only has some small ridges, there is a ramp at the rear of the Church for those less steady or using a wheel chair.

Our Church members are more than happy to help if you ask.