Holy Communion

First Sunday of Every Month (After Divine Service)

Our Holy Communion service is held once a month, on the first Sunday, after the Divine Service, at around 8pm.

Open to All

Our Holy Communion service is open to everyone and you do not need to have been ‘confirmed’ in to the Church.  We believe all people may commune with God.

Holy Communion Service

The service is short, around 10 minutes, and includes traditional Christian readings and song.  Symbolic Bread and Wine are blessed and shared with the congregation.

Bread & Wine

The offering of bread and wine is symbolic of Christ’s body and blood, which he sacrificed so we may live.

At Church we will use Crackers or Biscuits, rather than bread. We use Sherry and Water rather than Wine.


On these nights, the usual Sunday healing is offered after the communion service.

Spiritualist Holy Communion