Life Events

Weddings, Blessings, Christenings, Memorial Services

Our Church has been part of important family occasions for many years and we are pleased to arrange family services around your wishes.

WeddingsAt our Church, we have four members who are Authorized by the Superintendent Registrar for the Solemnization of Marriage for same gender couples as well as opposite gender couples. We work as a team of Church Members with the couple wishing to marry at our church to ensure that the service we provide is as they wish it to be. Our Church comfortably seats 60 people, and we have a variety of recorded music to choose from, or the couple can provide their own CD of music to be played during the service. We are happy for the church to be decorated with flowers if the couple wish to arrange it, and we have no objection to the use of confetti on Church property. We have no objection to the use of a camera to record the service. After the service we are happy for the church to be used for photographs, and we have an area of garden which makes a lovely background for photographs. Read more and see some photos.

Blessings– We offer blessing services for all occasions, whether it is for a couple who wish to renew their wedding vows or to make a commitment to each other without going as far as the legality of marriage, or individual blessing services of commitment to God. Blessing Services can include anything that you wish to formally seek God’s blessing for.

ChristeningsWhile most often associated with babies and small children, we have also performed Christening Services for adults. A Christening is an outward expression of commitment to follow the teachings presented to us by Jesus Christ. It is also a celebration and the Church team work closely with those wishing to have the service to ensure their day is successful

Funeral ServicesWe are able to offer funeral services at our church, planning with those who are organising the service to create the desired tone within the service for those who are bereaved.

Memorial ServicesMany people now recognise the benefit of holding a service to celebrate the life of a loved one. We are happy to arrange a memorial service with the family which is not only meaningful to them, but allows the family and friends of the loved one to take part if they wish.