Church Re-opens After Once in a Generation Repairs!

Saturday 3rd February 2024 Church Reopens for Coffee Morning!  Followed by Divine Service with Medium Uwe D’Rose on Sunday at 6.30pm.

The committee and trustees at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church are pleased to announce the Church building will reopen from 3rd February 2024 after once-in-a-generation repairs.

Information on Repairs

The initial repair project was to use an expanding resin to raise the level of our floors which had dropped.  However this led on to further repairs including the need to reinforce our drains and repair damage to the kitchen wall.  

On Monday 29th January 2024 we were pleased to receive the “all clear” when a structural engineer confirmed the building was safe to re-open.


Our fundraising efforts continue though, as the repairs cost more than we expected and left the Church closed for all of January, meaning we had no income from donations of events.

Despite the building being closed our community pulled together to keep donations coming in through other means and we thank everyone for their efforts!

Donate | Floor Fundraiser Info

Photographs of the Repair works in January 2024