WE NEED YOUR HELP! Church Floor Fundraiser!

We are fundraising to repair and improve the floor in the kitchen and rear of the Church.

The Church building requires constant maintenance which is why we fundraise throughout the year.

However sometimes there are big jobs that need doing sooner rather than later, requiring us to step up our efforts.

You may have noticed that the floor of the kitchen has dropped in recent months and the kitchen units have moved away from the wall.

The building and kitchen remain safe to use but the floor will continue to deteriorate and eventually become uneven and dangerous. 

We want to act before that happens and make a repair that will last at least a generation.

Our fundraising target is: £15,000

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Make a donation, every little helps.
  2. Support our events,
  3. Take part in our special fundraising activities.

If you have a fund raising idea please let us know!