A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Thursday 8th September was a very sad day for our Nation, the Commonwealth, and our friends around the world when we lost our beloved  Queen Elizabeth.

Many wonderful tributes have come in from all walks of life around the world.

Tonight I would like to lead the tribute for our Christian Spiritualist Church to a Queen of such love, dedication, and strength.  To say a day before her passing she was still working for the nation, appointing our new Prime Minister, and getting our Government moving again to deal with important people issues that were and still are very worrying issues of cost of living and energy costs. Etc.

Like with all tributes one needs to call on one’s own experiences.

In the 1950’s I was in the army serving King George VI her father, and two years later in 1952 the King died and this beautiful young Princess on holiday with her husband, were called home to fulfil the very high office of Sovereign Queen of the United Kingdom.

Along with the death of her father and entering a completely new life for the Nation, she handled it so perfectly well.

We can only imagine how the new Queen felt and the difficulties presented to her.  For those of the age at the Coronation saw how Elizabeth met it head on, taking us all with her.

The Queen grew in love, dedication, and strength, bringing together the people, Nations, and the Commonwealth.  Queen Elizabeth and Philip travelled widely, wherever they went every visit to every Nation and their Government our Queen felt the love, friendship relationships as only our Queen Elizabeth could do.

Through her life of dedicated service our Queen led us through a number of world and National issues with that calming way, Queen Elizabeth always found a way to deal with difficult situations in that uplifting way.  Not only our own nation and its people but wherever Queen Elizabeth and her husband Philip visited, whoever they met of any rank or culture, an up-lift of relationship was obvious.  Our Queen was always able to create very close friendships, love and respect with others that were never forgotten.  This is so vividly demonstrated in their sadness and loss in her passing.

This is also demonstrated by a review of the tributes arriving from worldwide, Nations, Leaders of Nations and the peoples showing their heart felt loss for a great Sovereign Queen.

Queen Elizabeth has left a legacy that we would do well to follow as we continue in a further period of change world-wide and Nationally. Queen Elizabeth a strong lifelong Christian whose guiding light was Jesus Christ, the basis of her whole life on earth was the shining light in all her endeavours.

Queen Elizabeth as protector of the faith, showed and lived fully God’s Commandment of loving God, but also demonstrated brotherly love wherever she went, and showed that it comes back in abundance by the many testimonials to her.

God bless our late Queen Elizabeth and thank you for giving us so much in your lifetime.

Long live King Charles III

Thank you.