A Spiritual Address for Christmas 2021!

Evening all, lovely to see so many of you in the Church. It’s great this Carol singing,  it sort of lifts us up high. It’s beautiful.

And for those who are online, we love you. Thank you for coming along to our service. The readings we’ve had this evening have been rather special for me because I normally do the Bible reading but to sit down and listen to other people giving the reading, it enabled me to think about what was being said and look for this story behind, because they always have a message whatever you read in the Bible. You’ll find that’s the same with the carols and the hymns. There is a message there because those people wrote them, stopped and thought about it first, and then they’ve written their thoughts into the hymn or the Carol.

So tonight’s address, I have to say to you, a very happy Christmas because it’s not far away now. And the Christmas festival with our material family is also Christmas for our spiritual family, the greater family above, there up in the heavens. This is very important because it is giving out love, and it’s giving out thought not only to the people we send presents to and cards, but those people we’ve been lit candles for this evening, and those loved ones who are always on our mind. It’s very important.

Christmas is a special festival and is a very spiritual one for the new birth.

And the new birth has lots and lots of meanings. It is, of course, the cherishing of the young child but for us it is still a new birth. It reminds us that as we go through the seasons on Earth, that we are about to start the new, it is a reminder and a greeting to revive our need for Brotherhood.

Brotherhood in our lives is so important. It is a Brotherhood of people. It’s a Brotherhood of countries. It’s a Brotherhood of nations. Nationally, we should be together and not fighting and arguing apart.

I understand Brotherhood to be a combination of love, understanding and forgiveness. Love is key to all our learnings here on Earth. It is the power of life, the answer of life’s problems and the route to true happiness. When I did the Bible readings, I tried to build up the story week over week. I saw the Bible as a history of life but then I saw it much more than that.

It had become clear to me that it was a journey with no beginning and no end. It was and is continuous, a world without end again, bigger than that, a universe without end.

We are all here on that journey, each of us individually, following our own path, connected in many ways, all bringing and adding something to the world. It was in this way that I collected my notes of the Bible reading into a notebook, which I’ve called a Bible journey. I found that the Bible was not written as a straight journey of life through the ages. But there’s a series of periods as there is no time as such, but the measurement we use as a guide taking the periods as they occur in our world and the universe, time being devised by man and therefore no time in heaven and not subject to Earth.

So there are many questions to answer or understand. Like what is light? Light is to have or to solve. I understand from Genesis that light was God’s first creation after forming the heavens and the Earth. Therefore, light is the most important part of our being here on Earth, or even so, our home into the Spirit world. Light is a creator of all our needs to survive, healthily and happily.

It has great uses and we rely on it in all healing processes. Perhaps we’ll deal with that more in future Bible readings. But now it’s Christmas that goes on from now until the New Year, the time to reflect on our journey. Where are we at this time and what changes do we need to make and for what and how? Most important.

I find it special to me that the Bible reading tonight are taken up by the members each reading a part. Christmas is primary of celebration and joy goodwill to all which of course is one of the Brotherhood. And in both the reading and the celebrations of goodwill, we should all take part.

It is also a good opportunity with the members doing the readings for them and those present to look into the messages behind the readings. There are also always hidden truths. The three wise men, who were well educated professional men, were on their own journey. They were reading signs, but I also believed they were guided by their spiritual beliefs in connection with spirit. They brought gifts which were also messages in the life of Jesus.

Jesus came to Earth born in the natural way to live as we and show the way nobody comes to Earth without gifts from God and God always gives in abundance for us to develop. So friends, my spirit to you, my message to you is to enjoy a happy Christmas and New Year thinking what it’s all about and look for any change you can make in your own lives for 2022.

God bless that reading and thank you.

This blog was transcribed from Peter’s Address at our Christmas Story and Carol Service on 19th December 2021. You can see the online stream here.