A Philosophy on True Love – By Tony Swindells

After the September 11th attacks, The Queen remarked that grief is the price we pay for love.  How right she was!  Our soul and human purpose is to learn and understand love.  We need to teach all of those around us about love, to pass on the gift of love!  Love is the essence of Christ’s message, and is the cornerstone of Christian society and fundamentals of our future.  Love comes in many forms: some can be false, manipulative, possessive, and controlling.

Love can be promised for personal gain, for influence, and full of empty promise.  But the love that I am talking about is unconditional and it is perhaps, this that Her Majesty was talking about.  Unconditional love is selfless, it is without judgement, without malice and it is most of all full of forgiveness.  It can be felt by parents toward their children, owners towards their pets, and is felt by God towards us all.  True love is a beautiful thing that enriches, nurtures, it fulfils us, especially when it is mutually felt by two people.  This type of love is rare, but it can be foundation upon which the relationship between Her Majesty and Prince Phillip was built.

When we lose that love, when one part of a relationship is betrayed, when a parent loses a child, an owner loses a pet, or when a partner passes to the spirit realm as Prince Phillip did last week, the grief we feel is heartbreaking for those who mourn.  Yes, grief is the price we pay for love, but the gains far outweigh the pain.  To experience true, unconditional love is priceless.  The pain of grief is debilitating, it paralyzes and leave a whole in us that never truly heals.  We come to learn in time that the love is still there, it survives the loss of the physical and that we will be reunited with all of those that have returned home to God’s heavenly realm before us when it is our time to return to the realm of spirit.

For now, we can send our love to those who have paid the price of experiencing true love!

God bless you all and thank you for allowing me to pass on the messages of love from spirit.