A Father’s Day Address by Karen Knight

Good Evening to you all.
It is such a pleasure to be with you all today, on this special day for many, Father’s Day.  A day where we cherish our dads who are here and those who have passed on.

As I sat down to write this address, I felt it important to mark this occasion with thanks to all our fathers.  I look back at my relationship with my father, bless him – he is 83 now and still full of the good old ‘Rivers’ energy.  Most of you will not know him, my father is from Burma and quite a character.  I would go as far as to say he is a legend in the tennis community even now.  Larger than life, always offering support and constantly standing up for what is right.  As I look back at the qualities handed down from my father, among many, kindness and boldness, friendliness but unfortunately, no volume control.  

It occurs to me, that when you actually sit down and think how your relationship with your father may have affected your life, there will always be something you can take from the experience (or lack of) even if it is just boundaries.  

Matters of the heart, including family polictics can be so challenging and difficult to talk about and acknowledge.  Every person will have a story to tell.  Remember, we are sent here to receive lessons; if your relationship with your father looks like its chalking up to be a tick box or was a learning situation for you it might be time to acknowledge that your father may have been playing an important part in your own tapestry of life.  

In my opinion, Life Lessons are about learning boundaries and acknowledgement of hurt and coming out of a situation still with your integrity and love in your heart.  If you are to heal and rise, the only way forward, is to move forward.  The only way you can move forward is with love in your heart, otherwise you will find yourself going backwards and potentially a repeated cycle taking place.

So with that in mind, we give love to ‘all the fathers’ and appreciate the gift of life.  We give heartfelt thanks to all of those who are still here; causing a fuss, showing us love, being a general pain in the wotsit and those who are distinctly absent; those who would give anything to (in the words of Luther Vandross) ‘Dance With Their Father Again’; for those we remember on the wedding days; giving us away for those of us who felt they never had a father or an experience they could treasure; know that you will always have a father.  The father; our lord who watches over us all.  For when all is said and done he is the Father of all Fathers so we give thanks to the Lord.

Happy Father’s Day one and all.  May the love of the collective reach all souls in need if upliftment today and may we all share the Lord, Our Father’s Love as it is handed out to all of us.

Thank you.

Address given in Church on 19th June 2022 by Spirit Medium Karen Knight.