‘Thank You’ – By Bill Hughes

Tonights address is going to be more of a thank you. And it’s not like our conventional address, but I was inspired in the early afternoon to share a poem with everybody, but also just to share a few thoughts as well. And this, thank you is going out to all of our churches, to all of our mediums, our spirit workers, our light workers and our healers. And also to all those of you that religiously tune in to find your peace, your love, your inspiration, your hope and your comfort – our services and our churches have had to reach out in such a completely different way over the last year.

I’m sure you’ll all agree with regards to the troubling times that we’ve been experiencing. So I asked Spirit to direct me to something that would inspire me to talk about this evening, and I stumbled upon a poem and this poem has been written by a lovely lady. Those of you that seen me work before, you know, I use an awful lot of her poetry when I’m doing my addresses. Her name is Irene Stead. I have the great privilege and fortune of sitting in a circle with Irene.

And for those of you that don’t understand or know what circle is, circle is a mediums classroom, and even after serving as a medium, I still believe that we should all go back to the classroom because there’s so much to learn. And I’ve learnt so much from Irene. Over the short space of time that I’ve been a serving medium and I take so much inspiration from her poetry. And I know that it touches and reaches the hearts of many people having it shared with.

So I’m going to share one of her poems, which is really fitting with what it is I’ve just been speaking about. And the poem is titled Thank You for the Service. And it goes like this.

Thank You for the Service
Although we’re not together.
We can still join in as one,
the warmth that comes with spirit
testing time will overcome.
Joining in from our homes
as we all join in as one,
just to have that connection
means so much to everyone.

It’s so uplifting for the lonely,
as so many are on their own,
giving strength at this testing time,
keeping faith, we’ll all be fine.
As we look to our Sunday service,
bringing healing and much strength,
so grateful we can come as one
until we can sit in church again.

– Irene Stead

And it’s just such a fitting poem with what’s happening and what’s relevant with regards to our spiritualist movement. At this moment in time, many of our churches are beginning to reopen their doors in the physical sense, and an awful lot of our churches are now having to adapt to the change that we’ve all become accustomed to over the last 12 months with regards to streaming their services to a broader audience in a completely different way. So I just want us all just to hold in our thoughts, if we can, this evening prior to our mediumship demonstration.

And let’s just hold in our thoughts and send out so much love to all of our mediums that have worked incredibly hard, religiously hard in order to sustain the services that are being projected at this point in time. Let’s hold in our hearts and send out that love to all of our churches that have found and adapted to new ways in order for us to continue to be able to practice our own faith and also just to be able to have that reconnection with the rest of the human population that have been isolated over these last 12 months or so.

And once again, let’s send out and hold in our hearts and send out love, most importantly, to spirit, because the spirit have orchestrated these waves for us all to adapt to all of us mediums have had to learn to trust our guide teams somewhat, so much more with regards to the information that they give in to us and for us to process and share with you guys that are watching via the virtual platform. I know for myself that it was not so challenging, but it was somewhat a little bit, taking me out of my comfort bubble because I was used to being within that physical church, having that physical draw of the energies with the congregation that I was making that connection to.

And now, ironically, as I sit here in my home, I’m looking at the screen and all I can see myself staring back at me. So it’s again, just placing that trust. That spirit will direct me and give me the information that it is that I need in order to share with some of you beautiful people that are joining us here this evening. So  I hope that that address has touched you all and it’s inspired you all just to maybe think a little bit outside of the box and also just to reaffirm that, you know what, our churches are just going above and beyond at this present moment in time for us all to be able to come together and be able to, you know, just join our energies and be at one with our loved ones that want to so desperately make their communications and have a chat with us here this evening.

So thank you so much for listening to me, everybody, and God bless you.