Working Online From My Perspective As A Medium – Chris Gill

When I was asked if I would take the new online service for our church I didn’t have any idea how it would work, as it’s not anything I had done before. I fully understand the need for people wanting to connect and pray together during, what has been, an emotional and stressful time. With the majority of churches forced to close we were fortunate to have Rob who had the knowledge and expertise to set up an online service. As a Member of the committee I felt I wanted to help, not only our congregation, but other people who wanted to connect with us for upliftment and support.

We had a practice run on the Friday before the service where we tested the internet connection. First of all there is a delay in receiving the video link and in my case, an echo when someone was speaking. I found, with the help of Rob that if I used my IPad for the video link, I then used my phone for the sound. It seemed fine. Fingers crossed for Sunday.

Learning to TRUST is the first thing you do when you begin to train for Mediumship, and now my TRUST was going to really be tested. I was at home in my little sun room in Clacton, while the service was live in Thundersley. It had to work! Watching on my iPad I was ‘counted in‘ and then ‘live’ so I could be heard and seen by everyone.

Whenever I work as a Medium I usually have either a Sitter in front of me or a group of people to raise the energy. This obviously cannot happen online. Another big difference is that where I would hear a yes, no, I dont’t know, I have to follow the comments on the screen, which can be challenging when there is also a delay, and several people replying, especially if they can take ‘some‘  of  the evidence. Once the evidence is given and a recipient is identified you then have to constantly connect with Spirit and then break away and connect to the screen for confirmation. Again there is a delay before you can connect to Spirit again, and continue with the evidence. Another highly important point to remember is that we are now using a public platform and everyone can hear and see any communication and comments arising from that. Some things may be acceptable to say in a one to one situation, or in church, but in a public place you do have to be aware and cautious.

Recently I have seen comments saying that someone could take all the evidence that had been given to another recipient, and in response to that I would say the intelligence of the Spirit World is such, that if you can benefit from the information given in Someone’s message, then they would be more than happy for you to take that too. In the time allocated and the large number of followers we have, it isn’t always possible to give specific evidence to eliminate all the others needing messages, and reading all the responses is very time consuming.

I hope this explains some of the work that goes on behind the scenes so to speak. Despite some of the hitches and setbacks I am privileged to have worked for spirit in this way, in these unprecedented times, to bring some comfort to those looking for reassurance their loved ones are close, and never in fact, leave them. They are safe and well.

Blessings to you all

Chris Gill