We Are The Light Of God – Address by Anita Panayiotis

I was just sitting here reflecting on how amazing technology is. Specifically the Internet, because we’re able to do so much with the internet at this moment in time that we can still feel connected. And this actually made me feel somewhat good, actually, because the father of God is a presence that we don’t see necessary. We don’t feel we can see or touch, but the essence of God is everywhere and it touches our lives in so many ways. You know, just this morning, where I live is a beautiful, sunny day. You can look out your window and you can see the trees, the plants are coming up, the daffodils are coming out now. You’ve got lovely flowers all coming up, new life, fresh life is coming. I happen to have some Troxie’s and they have just come out of hibernation.

So there’s lots of new life that’s come on around us. And I feel this is like God touches every part of our lives. So from the beauty that we see and also at this moment, there are darker times around us, I’m sure that every one of us here will know someone at this moment in time that is really struggling and some will struggle more than others for different reasons. And this is where I feel again, the fatherhood of God. He created everything for everything that we know, every touch that we see.

God is part of that creation. We are the light of God. We are part of God’s creation. And it’s not just us as human beings. It’s the animals. It is everything that’s on this planet for us to be able to be connected to and not just with the planet. It goes beyond the universe and the planets. And as this incredible creative force continues to expand, developing new things, things not yet certain or understand.

But I think the fatherhood of God connects us all. It’s important now that we have the Brotherhood, you know, as God’s created every part of what we know, we are then all connected together.

You know, from your Mum, your Dad, your brothers, your sisters, your next door neighbours, people in a different road, a different country. We are all connected, not just within mankind,  also the animal kingdom, everything that is in us, the light in us is what God has given us. And I just feel it’s so important that we pull on this, on our father to give us strength as a brotherhood, because we can do so much more together to help each other to get through the phases we need to be getting through. There’s always been times, periods in history when there’s been tragedies, it’s been traumatic things that’s happened and thankfully, it’s a blessing, it doesn’t happen that often, but it’s when mankind really shows the essence of God, the God with in we all pull together to help each other.

I’m not seeing my Mum because she doesn’t want us round there, but she’s got young neighbours.  They’re getting her food for her and there’s so many stories that we can hear where people are stepping out of their way to support, to help and to just reach out to each other. And it’s so important as we’re in this crisis that we don’t forget to reach out to help and also to be mindful of the charities that are suffering so much as it is such an extended period that’s like a ripple effect. We can come together as a family, even though through social distancing, we have to keep our distance.

The Internet actually keeps us connected. So even if you’re frightened of it, use it, embrace it. God has given us this knowledge, this understanding to work together and for me it’s ‘keep the faith’, because we will come through this and we’ll come through it stronger and we’ll come through it to help those that will need more help than some others will need at a certain time at this phase and just keep safe, keep well, look at your neighbours and look out for the Planet because I do feel she gives so much to us that we’re really need to be supporting the earth at this time as well.

So I would like to leave that with you.

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