We Are ALL Part of the Same Beautiful Connected System – words from Stacie Frost

Hello everyone, my name is Stacie Frost and I would like to share some thoughts with you all.
Firstly, though I am hoping that you are well and trying to keep yourselves entertained in the situation we all find ourselves in.

As some of you might know, I serve many churches and although I love to give messages, I also love the address. To me it is a lovely way to uplift and inspire a congregation and also it is a way to communicate the love from spirit to a wider audience.

At the moment communication is more vital than ever as we may find ourselves cut off physically from those we love, we are missing the hugs and kisses and the connection that it brings us…but communication is not just physical!

On platform a medium has to raise their vibrational energy and Spirit has to lower theirs so that we meet in the middle, the connection is not physical but instead is more emotional, connecting to the mind more than the body…

When I work, I can still see a person, I can feel their personality and sense thoughts and information that is theirs not mine, which I then to the best of my ability I convey to those in the congregation…

Sometimes I get laughter and sometimes tears from those loved ones who have received a message, even though they cannot physically see or hear them, their emotions are still connected. This is why we must remember at this time that even though you may not be able to pop into next door or your loved one’s houses, we can still communicate…with our love, ooh and the phone of course.

We are at a time in history where we are able to communicate in more ways than ever through technology, but we must not forget that we can also communicate in other ways. We are all energy, everything in the universe is energy, we are ALL part of the same beautiful connected system… AND your thoughts are energy!

Many studies have been done over the years into the way our thoughts can alter our life and reality, the power of prayer in double blind studies revealed that people who were ill were prayed for and had a higher recovery rate…(I won’t go into scientific details, but the internet has many articles on the mind and body connection).

So I put this to you… when you send out your loving thoughts to your family, you ARE communicating, when you put your thoughts up to spirit, you ARE communicating, when you send out healing thoughts to the planet, you ARE communicating. Now send these loving thoughts to yourself, know that your body and mind responds immediately and will start to feel more at

When you feel more at peace, the knock-on effect, is that you are more energetically in balance as any fear or worries seem to lessen. This time will pass friends and soon we will rejoice in the knowledge that we can hold our loved ones in our arms again.

Blessings to you all – From Spirit Medium Stacie Frost.