We’re All Stardust, We’re All Energy – Spiritual Address by Stacie Frost

What I was going to talk about this evening is actually – our children.

We have had so much going on. We’ve had Brexit, three years of that, we’ve had things going on with the planet and now we have the coronavirus. So, they must be going through such an emotional state at the moment because we don’t always realise what they’re thinking. Especially little ones, because I think that they take a lot in but don’t or can’t always express how they’re feeling. Especially at this time, because there’s so many people that have lost family members and you’re not allowed to go and see them. Even as an adult, that is really difficult, so a child may not always understand that. But I do think we’ve got resilience with our children. 

I wanted to read you something that was channeled to me a few years ago. I do a lot of spirit poetry and I’ve written quite a lot for children, and it was given to me in the guise of a child’s thought processes as they are going on about death. This is;

‘Where Have You Gone?’ 

‘Passed away. Gone to sleep.
Now in heaven I hear, people weep. 

Things feel strange. Not quite right.
Adults silent. Lips closed tight.

What’s going on? Just say the word
– dad died.

I know the words I heard.
I might be young. 

I may be small.
Please don’t think I don’t understand at all. 

The hole that is growing in my heart.
It threatens to turn my world apart. 

I feel the loss. I feel the pain.
I know things will never be the same again.

I can always talk or cry, express my feelings down inside.
But I know my loved ones gone.

Not coming back. Away from home.
Please don’t hide your grief from me because I feel the same.

Can’t you see? I want a hug.
I’ll now never get to tell them I love them.
I’m so upset. 

Was I good? Were you proud?
I miss you so much. I shout aloud. 

Please do not think I need protection from my feelings.
It’s your own deflection. 

Please Angels in Heaven.
Have you got them wrapped in your wings? 

Did you catch them? Why did you take them?
I want them back. Please. Please. 

Are they okay?
Why did they have to go away?’

I hope you enjoyed that. It doesn’t always have to be a family member that passes, because most of our first experiences of death actually come from pets. So usually as a child if you’ve got hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs, that’s usually a child’s first experience of death. But it might be grandparents, parents, aunts or uncles. And sometimes we forget how resilient our youngsters are, that they can take things just in their stride. As adults, I think this is down to us really. In this country especially, we’ve got this ‘ssh don’t talk about it’ type of culture where death is concerned, and if you look at other countries and how they deal with death – they talk about it. It’s part of life, it’s just a different part and sometimes we shield it from them. I think it might be because we don’t know what to say. We don’t know how we could express it to a child. We don’t want to hurt them and we don’t want to upset them. But I do think at this moment with so much going on that sometimes they get a bit overlooked. We think that they are okay, but it would do a little bit good to ask them if they’re ok and if they understand what’s going on. We can all do it in a language that our children understand. A lot of times it comes out through play, you know if they’re agitated if their behaviour changes or maybe the way they’re playing with their toys changes. So, it’s something that I think they have had to deal with a lot lately and death is one part of it. 

I know that there are mediums watching, looking at the comments as well, there are a few of you I recognise. It’s not any easier when someone passes away for us either. Although you might think because you’re a medium and you can connect with spirit it’s easier, but the physical pain is no different and it’s no different with a pet or family. When I do readings for people most of the crying I’ve had actually when I connect with animals, especially dogs where they’ve been such a companion to a family or a person. It’s been like their baby and their all and they get so upset. 

When we think about spirit, it is a difficult thing to talk about. Of course, we don’t want our loved ones to die, but this is what the spiritual movement is about. It’s about the next progression, the next part of life. I don’t see it as a death, It’s physical death, but the spirit goes on. The reason I feel like this is because I do like science as well, I’m a little bit of a science buff. I do think all of these years they’ve been separated, but really what science does is explain what spirituality has always known. But now it’s coming together and they’re running alongside each other. A lot of scientists are coming around to the spiritual way as well. 

I read a book called The Afterlife Experiments many years ago, and the man who wrote it was quite high up in a university in America. And he found a thesis that’s said ‘is there consciousness after physical death? It’s like trying to search for aliens. When you go to someone and say we’re going to focus on this part of science, the mainstream reaction would be ‘oh you’re going to wreck your career, don’t bother doing it. It’s all hocus pocus’. But what he was writing was that if you look up at the sky and see all the stars, the light that we see, the energy that we see is still carrying on from those stars that died millions of years ago, but the energy still exists. So his thought was that if that’s true for a star, then that also has to be true for us because we are all made of the same thing. We’re all stardust, we’re all energy. If the Big Bang is right and we’re all created at the same time, all things being equal, then that would mean our energy also carries on. Scientifically, it’s right. You cannot destroy energy and it doesn’t dissolve, it just changes from one form to another. That’s why when our physical body passes away the energy is still there, our consciousness still exists. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to get your head around it, especially when you’re grieving, because we all want proof don’t we? That’s the case. I can understand if you’re a person that doesn’t believe in life after death in that respect, if you’re a more logical person, or you haven’t had experiences which might have changed your mind. I totally respect that. Everyone has free will, it’s their own way. 

For me, I’ve felt like that since I was a youngster. I’ve always known that there’s something bigger than all of us. And to be honest, if you think about the life that we have, you go to school, you get a job, one you like if you’re lucky. You have ups and downs and some people experience terrible times. And then it just ends. It’s a bit naff isn’t it really? I would like to think that if I’ve struggled through this life of ups and downs, there is something beyond that that is better. That goes with the Lord’s Prayer ‘as on earth as it is in heaven’ because spirit really want it to mirror that we have Heaven on Earth as well. This is by raising our minds out so that we connect. We know that there is life after physical death. 

I’ve had experiences as well. One of the examples is my mother in law, she didn’t get to see me be her daughter in law, but she was actually my friend first, that’s how I met my husband. She had to have a leg amputated but caught MRSA after that and she had a heart attack and died for a few minutes. She said to me that when she was on the operating table, she saw a rainbow, she saw her husband that had died many years before, and she said it was like every bit of pain went all she could feel was joy and upliftment. She just wanted to go, and then they brought her back. She said to me she was so angry because it was just bliss. There are many more cases of people that have had near-death experiences. I’ve read loads and loads of cases including one from a nurse who did a doctorate in it after.

If you do your own research into a lot of these sorts of cases, a lot of people are frightened to discuss it, aren’t they? Because you’ve had an experience like that, now how do you explain it to somebody else without feeling like you’re going to be ridiculed or doubted. For me it;s a really comforting thing. One of the first books I read is by a guy, Dannion Brinkley, it was called Saved by the Light. He was, by his own admission, not a very nice person. Clever, but not a nice person. He had died for 22 minutes and he had an experience with beings of light coming to him and giving him information. He also had a life review. So he had to go through the pain he caused other people, when he came out he was a totally different person. He had been struck by lightning, so they didn’t think he was going to live, well he didn’t live. It’s only when he was told that he had to go back and that uncovered him from the gurney because they could just see his breath underneath.

Those sorts of stories from people that aren’t overly spiritual, especially with children’s experiences and people that wouldn’t normally come out with things like that are the proof that I love to research. There is that expanse out there and maybe it gives you comfort like it gives me. You wouldn’t lie about this thing. I know from giving readings to people, there is information I could never guess just by looking at them. That’s for me why I continue to do the work I do because I just feel so privileged to be able to do it. The medium’s I know also feel the same way and we get healing from doing this work and we get knowledge back from you as well. I’ve met some amazing people doing this, it’s so nice. 

It seems everybody’s starting to expand their mind now as well. On Facebook and stuff like that, there’s so much more awareness that there is something other than just this life that we’re living. We’re here for another reason and a lot of it is we are here to learn. It is a school of tough knocks down here. It’s been really hard for a lot of people. But we’re still smiling and we have a connection together even through social media. When we get out of  this lockdown with our friends and family we can concentrate on spirit. It’s lovely to have that connection, but we also need to concentrate on each other and the connection you have physically. We really need to understand why we’re here, what our purpose here is, is that you look at every day and say, right this I’ve had this bad experience, what have I learnt from that? I think when you start to look at things like that, then you realise actually there is no randomness in this life. Everything is meant, even what is going on at the moment. We do our life plan before we get here and as hard and as awful as it sounds when people are dying, at some point we have made a plan that is going to happen. These people that have gone to spirit, now they’ve gone home. From what my mother in law said to me, it’s a better place. She said there is so much love and every pain just goes. If my loved one was suffering, that’s what I’d want for them, to be happy and pain free and to feel that intense love. She felt bliss and that is heaven. 

That’s what we want to try and find within us. When we carry on our life like that, knowing that actually it’s difficult here, but when we learn from what we’re going through. It’s meant this is how we learn in the future. We’re learning on a global scale at the moment because it’s not just about individual lives. The way we’re all meeting up together, we’re all connecting all that loving healing, like when we do the candle lighting and we put those healing thoughts out.

 When you come together, you are so powerful and scientifically we are all beings of light. They did a little scientific experiment on a program I watched a few weeks ago on a gentleman that does healing. They attached him to monitors and the more he was raising his vibration, the more light he admitted. So when I say we are beams of light and you have your light within you, when you communicate, raise your vibration up. It is true, science has proved it. They are coming through science to tell us what we already know.  Because once you realise that everything in the universe, whether it’s explainable or not, we’re all the same thing because we are all one with everything and we’re all one together.

 So thank you for listening and indulging me. Thank you.