We Have That Golden Light – Spiritual Address by Elayne Grant

It is lovely to be in this church. It’s so quiet and silent and I say silence is golden. During these times we’ve all been going through, we’ve perhaps had to think of things in a different way. We had to find some strength within to help us cope with the situations that we didn’t think would happen. I’m sure there’s many that certainly didn’t predict the situation that we’re in now. 

Many of you believe in Angels, which in a way is love and light, and at this time, that is what we hold on to, love and light. A golden light let’s say. For those that really are suffering silently, find your golden light and help yourself get through every step that you have to go through. 

For at this time when you cannot do what you really want to do, I was going to say run out onto the street naked but you can’t do that anyway. But I just want you to think that your normal perhaps isn’t going to be as normal anymore. There’s talk about a new normal but we don’t know what that new normal is, because everybody lives their life differently. So your normal is different to somebody else’s normal anyway. So at this time, for many of us, it can be quite confusing as to where we stand. 

We need to understand that the golden light is bright and we need to make sure we understand that within each of us we have that golden light and that light helps us. Helps us to breathe, it helps us to take that step forward. There is really no point thinking about next week, next month because that’s stressful. 

People need not to be negative, we need to be positive. We need to know that you can visualise that golden light, not just within, but in front of us and then you will understand that it is safe and possible to get somewhere. Somewhere that feels right. 

Many of you probably sit there before you go to bed and pray. Pray that tomorrow is a good day. Continue doing that because it helps you and it helps the Spirit World. It helps them know that you are thinking of them, connected to them and they are connected to us and can help us with our troubles and worries. They know our situation and the best thing to do.

Eventually, you will get to see somebody because many people are not seeing many people. When we get to see somebody for a change, just say how are you? ‘How are you?’ are the keywords that we should be using to those around us. Of course now we rely on the internet and we’ve got more opportunity to chat and have connections. 

This is a connection and I’m asking, how are you today?

So just think about your golden light. Think about it, in your golden light is your loved ones.  Think about the next step and see your golden light.