We Can All Be LightWorkers – Spiritual Address by Amanda Barrymore

This reminds me of the days when I used to do Psychic Today, it’s lovely to see you all. If there is anybody out there listening that I love personally and I know quite well, just say hello to me, that would be absolutely fantastic. 

I have a guide called Patrick and he’s going to be the one helping me. He’s an Irish priest and he’s been with me for many years. He’s 6 foot 8 and at 5 foot 7 that makes me feel like a shorty. But he emphasised to me in the car up here that I should talk about what’s going on at the moment around us and how we should keep the faith. As I was just about to walk into this lovely church, this feather floated down and landed on my dress. Brand new, came from nowhere. If that isn’t a sign from Spirit then I really, really do not know what is.

I’m very lucky with my gift because my spirit guides warned me not to go abroad and my partner said to me, I think we should go. In the end I said that I’d only feel safe going for 7 days. So we went for 7 days and we came back 2 days before lockdown. 

Since lockdown I’ve had lots and lots of thoughts about what’s going on in the world and if we are Christians, we shouldn’t forget to believe in God. I can tell you from my own personal experience that my faith in God is now stronger than it’s ever been.

I grew up in the Salvation Army and obviously had the teachings of Jesus, learning to love God, and I thought, well, who is this mysterious person? Is it male? Is it female? Is it an entity? Well, of course, as this gift came really strong into my life, more or less about 44 years ago when I started doing the work, I came to realise that God is very important to us and it is now that we should have faith in God.

We should have faith in our power because when I say to people, look, you want some answers, you can’t go to a politician and get it. You can’t go to a clergyman and get it, because they’ll either say, well, this is what you’ve got to believe and this is the book you’ve got to read. But if you go to God personally and say, help me, then that entity will help you. 

I’m very into the unemployed Angel’s, a great fan of Lorna Byrne. She’s an Irish woman who believes that we have unemployed angels and all we have to do is ask them for help, and if we do, they will be there for us. Every time I get in my little car, who’s called  Skellern, by the way, (if anybody wants to know what Skellerns named after, it’s named after Peter Skellern, the singer) everytime I get in this car I say, help me, protect me. And they do. They’ve gotten me out of some pretty awful situations. On the way here, because it’s quite a long way from where I live, I just say, help me on the motorway. They want to help us. Spirit know what we’re going through at the moment, and they’ve said to me, please emphasise to the lovely people that are listening and watching at the moment, have faith. You must have faith, because since lockdown, that is the one thing that’s happened. My faith in God has gotten stronger, my gift has gotten stronger.

If you get a chance to help people along the way, you should do it. You really, really should do it. I suppose the other thing really is that I’ve learned to love people more. There are people that irritate the hell of me really, but I’ve come to the point where I feel much more affection towards people and want to help people because we are all in this together, whether we want to be or not, we are in this together. 

They are really dark times, but like every darkness there’s going to be some light and I really believe at the end of this, people will start to have a more spiritual view. People are kind and they are nicer than they have been. People have come to realise what’s very important. Family, certainly, I’ve got grandchildren, family is incredibly important, partners are very important. I’ve now got a small circle of friends, if you’re listening, Donna, which she said she might tonight, that’s my surrogate sis. 

These people are special to me now more than ever, even if they only do just a little thing for me. Oh my gosh, I appreciate it because we’re here today, we could be gone tomorrow.  We’re not promised tomorrow, we’re really not promised tomorrow. I want to live to a ripe old age. I want to stay on the Earth and irritate people more if I can. But I’ve still got an awful lot of work to do, I know I have. 

We can all be lightworkers. Everyone in this church is a lightworker. Rob who’s doing the sound engineering, trying to make me look good, he is doing an excellent job. I’ve watched him, I’ve got a lovely screen in front of me so you’re all watching me live. Donna’s a wonderful host, and we’ve got Frank here as well. They’re all special people. They’ve all got their own little gifts and we’ve all got our own little gifts. 

Never be afraid to help people. If you see someone fall, or need to talk to you. Go out to them safely and just ask if you can help them. Because that’s what we’re here for. My guides have said that the reason why we’re on the Earth plane is to learn and grow. That’s what they want to emphasise to you. They want you to learn and grow, and the only reason that we can learn and grow is by being spiritual. Being spiritual doesn’t mean standing up here and giving messages, it can be anything. It can be fundraising, making a cup of tea, just speaking to your neighbour or helping them with the shopping. These are all spiritual things and every time you do it, they watch us, they listen, they really do. The feathers and the pennies, they’re all there to help you, to let you know that spirit is around you. 

Let me tell you a little bit very quickly about the Akashic Records, every man, woman and child on the earth plane, everything that they do is registered on their soul print. So if you treat someone really badly, one day you’re going to realise what you’ve done and you’re going to have to see what you’ve done. So I always suggest to people, if you can be kind, be kind, because it’s easier being kind than being nasty. I’ve gone home and thought ‘I shouldn’t have done that’, ‘I shouldn’t have said that’, or ‘I shouldn’t have put that on Facebook’. But you know, it’s ever so easy to do that because we have our own burdens. If you do feel like that, just pull yourself and say a little prayer and ask, stop me from having these thoughts. 

What I want to get over to you tonight, friends, is that spirit is with you. They are around you, we may not think they’re around us, but I assure you, they are. My guide talks to me directly and he’s very unhappy with what’s happening on the earth plane. Very unhappy. But it’s people like all you lovely people out there that are listening to this service tonight, I’m sure that you can help people in your own little way. It may just be by being kind to your neighbour.

I’ve now got the best neighbor I’ve had for 35 years I reckon, she’s wonderful. She helps me and I help her. That’s being spiritual. Sometimes it’s just a kind word here, a kind word there. Making sure that people aren’t struggling as you just don’t know what’s going on in people’s heads, you really, really don’t. 

So, friends, if you are listening to this, there is one thing my guides want to get through to everybody on the Earth plane, to be kind to each other. 

We’re only here for a short time so just do your best. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Every little helps as Tesco says, and it does. So if you have faith and you believe in God and you believe in Jesus, take that philosophy on board. God is kind, Jesus never judged anyone, he was there to help everyone. The Lady of the Night, the tax collectors and people that were really bad, he didn’t judge them.

John Lennon wrote a song, it was the Beatles last number one, it was called The Ballad of John and Yoko. John Lennon sings in that song, ‘you don’t take nothing with you but your soul, think’. And you know what? You don’t take nothing but your soul, you just take your memories of your earth plane, all your love that you have and all the things that you’ve done. One day, just like on the screen here showing me live, you’re going to have to look at your  life and think ‘I didn’t do a very good job with that one’ or ‘I should have done better with that’. So just be kind. It’s a lot easier to be kind, and spirit is always watching and they are always there for you. Never be afraid to sit down for five minutes and be grateful for the things that have happened. Every day I say thank you. I’m getting old now, I’m in my 60s and I’m semi retired, but, I thank God every day that I’m still healthy enough to get in my car and drive to where I need to be and have lovely people around me.

That’s what we need to be grateful for. Grateful for small mercies, as my mum used to say, and I think you’ll find your life is enriched if you help others, because that’s what we’re here for.

I send that with love and light for you all. God Bless you.