We Are One Spirit, One Universe – Spiritual Address by Anita Panayiotis

I would like to talk to you this evening about how God has given us eternal life and faith and belief, I do feel it myself. When we lose a loved one, we go through a lot of emotions in our life. At times we can feel we’ve lost our faith and lost our belief, and I think it’s ok at times to feel like that because we are just humans, we are here to experience many things.

At times we don’t understand why we’re experiencing or feel the way we do, but know that God is always there. God is everywhere, omnipresent. When I was younger, I didn’t quite understand the expansive and the meaning of that word, omnipresent. Of God being here in one space, but also everywhere at the same time. We don’t need to have belief and faith in that because we can just look around us with our eyes for those that may be so blessed with this seeing. Just by the nature around us, we can hear nature, we can see nature, we can touch nature, we can smell nature. 

So regardless of what senses we may be blessed in, and some of us are not so blessed in various senses, we still have the ability to be able to see the beauty and the wonder that God has given us. For me, nature is healing as well. When we have things going on in our lives, by going into nature, walking in the forest or walking in a meadow or the beach, you feel at home, at one. 

During the Bible Reading, I started to think about communication with spirit because many religions believe that we continue life after we pass from our physical body. But only, really, spiritualists believe in the communication of spirit once we have passed to the spirit world. Often it’s described as the physical world and the spiritual world, but really we are still all together. We may not, as physical beings, be able to necessarily see our loved ones and reach out and touch our loved ones and feel as though the presence is still with us. But there are not two worlds. There’s still one world and that is the world of spirit because we too are spirits. We are just a denser form of spirit with our physical body, but we are still spirit. The spirit world is still around us and still with us. There are not two worlds. We are one world. We are one. We are one spirit, one universe and we live together and we still are together. Even though the human body at times feels lost when we cannot see and hear our loved ones as we’d like to, but never lose faith.

Even at times when you feel in a dark space and you feel your faith may have slipped, just know you can reach out to people around you, the physical people around you, we are all here. In this one world, this one planet we should help and support each other through our physical journey. Also know that your spirit family are there helping you, guiding you and supporting you. At times, you will be aware of signs, sometimes a tune might come on, you might find a feather on the floor. It’s a simple sign from the spirit world that they are still around you. 

When I sit with nature, sit at one in an open space, I feel my presence with God and also the presence of my spirit family with me. So no, at times we will be feeling lost because that is part of our journey. But Jesus himself, the struggles he had to go through and for people to actually see the essence of Jesus Christ.

Know that we are here in the physical body, the spirit world are still also with us. We are still as one and communication does take place. 

– Spiritual Address by Anita Panayiotis during Divine Service at Thundersley Church on 13th Sept 2020.