We are Connected and 2021… We’re Going to Make it Count – Spiritual Address by Stacie Frost

Hello, everybody, I hope you are all very well, I hope you’ve managed to have a good as Christmas as you could under the circumstances this year, I know there is many of you that might have not been able to see your families and maybe have been on your own. So your thoughts have been what we’ve been sending thoughts out, as well at Thundersley, and as have I every day as well from home to those people that have needed it.

But let’s hope 2021 we can put some great vibes out there because I’m a great believer in mind over matter sometimes. And with all our pulled resources of our energy, we can change things around. What I was actually going to talk about today, some of you may not be into it at all, but I’m actually a past life regression therapist as well.

Most religions and belief systems do have some form of thinking about reincarnation. But for me, it’s been something that I felt connected to since a child,  now coming from a family of atheists. I haven’t actually been pumped with any information about it, but I always felt inside even as a child and talked about reincarnation. There was actually a logical thing because if we think about it, everything goes in cycles. We have water cycles. We have all our plants, animals.In nature – the seeds go off, think of dandelions, they regrow into the earth again and then they’re reborn. If we think about our own bodies,  on a cellular level, I think It’s about every three months our whole body, every cell in our body is new. We renew ourselves. That’s why sleep is so important for everybody, because that’s when we do most of our healing at night with ourselves and things.

So your body, you are a new person every three months. So for me, taking this thinking a little bit further, we think about reincarnation. But it’s mostly about what we can learn from from that process. So we’ve all had loved ones that have passed over and probably many of you, especially this year as well, have had people that have left this earth, and gone on to spirit. My point of view is that when we are in spirit, we have soul cluster groups, they are the other spirits that we are very, very close to.

So our life on Earth is actually one of learning. We are here. And apparently this earthly plane is one of the most difficult and dense planets to actually be on. And that’s why the challenges are usually so difficult. If you’re here, if you’ve been here, you’re living here. You are a warrior because you have come to a very tricky planet to develop your soul progression. So the idea is, is that in spirit we’ll have our cluster groups and they are the people that you have, who might be most of your family connections with your grandparents, your mum, your dad, people like that.

And then you will work out what you need to learn on the earth plane. So, for example, I had a story from a book by a lady called Sylvia Browne many years ago. She’s passed now. She’s from America, and she wrote a book on past like hypnosis – something she had had done and a lady had come to her and said I can’t understand why my husband’s mother hates me. You know, and her reply was ‘he’s an only child, whatever I do. I just lost. We just don’t get on!’

So she went under hypnosis and then actually spoke to this because remember, energy is not a solid thing. That’s why sometimes you can feel like you’re in two places at once because of your energy can spread, you can pick it up from elsewhere too. And that’s why sometimes when mediums can pick up energies of people that might be poorly but haven’t crossed over because we still pick up the energy. But this lady spoke to the essence of her mother in law while she was under hypnosis and said,

‘Why do you hate me so much?’

And she said. ‘We’re actually good friends in spirit. She said, but when you come to the Earth, we made an agreement that you had to learn tolerance. And so I’m here to challenge you, to learn tolerance.’

When she was come back to her senses, as it were. All things start to click into place after that and when she actually then start to see her mother-in-law and she saw her with a different light, in fact, that she was a pure, loving spirit, but she had been put down on the earth to help to challenge and to progress this lady.

She used to find it a little bit amusing, as she would give her cuddles and things, because this lady is still unaware of what was happening.

So, when we go through challenges in life – I tend to stop and think. Imagine if you came to the Earth and had just one life and then when that’s gone…..!? think about all of our unborn babies who are lost, our young babies, our children, and think that they’ve had no life yet and they’ve passed on. What would be the point of just that and then nothing…!?

When you think about it in a larger context – when you go back to spirit and then maybe you’ve learned something, you would have taught the parents something who’ve lost a child –  because I have as well. It’s about that loving connection that doesn’t go even a child that’s on the earth for a very small amount of time can bring so much passion and awareness to somebody else’s life. It might be, that that child is needed to experience love in dire circumstances and the parents are that loving principal in that child’s life, or it could be you live a really long life, grow to a high age…

So there were so many reasons why our lives turn out different ways than what we’re here for. But if we go on with the understanding that this is only fleeting, this moment on our earth as we are now is only a fleeting moment. And when we get back to spirit, when we see those loving people and remember sometimes in life, everyones thinking, all those soul mates and things like that.

I’m not so much of a soul mate person, I’ll be honest, I think you can have maybe stronger soul connections in spirit that are there to help you and work with you. But sometimes those soul mate energies are actually those spirit energies that maybe you think aren’t very nice. What do they do? they teach you the most, because sometimes when you’ve had adversity with other people in your life, if it’s abusive partners or you might be not getting the best help from your parents and things like that, that is what gives you your strength, is those people that come into your life when your metal is really tested… If we had everything and life was all hunky dory – I don’t know if you’ve ever seen The Matrix and I love that film because it’s more than just a film. It’s so deep on many levels. And when Morpheus has been captured and they’re telling him about the sort of like trying to get the codes from him and they’re saying to him, ‘we tried to implant all these lovely memories to you and you rejected them!’

That’s what we had to make it difficult now. And it’s a weird thing, but in a way it’s true. If we had everything really hunky dory, there’d be nothing to strive for. There would be no purpose of being here. And that’s what our purpose of being here is. It’s a shame because a lot of our loved ones have progressed, especially this year, with all different conditions. And but we have to think to help us cope with that.

When they cross over there, sometimes it is left behind us that we forget sometimes about these packs that we’ve made to to come back again to help strengthen our soul connection to everyone around us and our development in spirit. So we forget. And that is the kicker, really, if you start to look at your life and think why has this happened? What has this person been trying to teach me? What has this situation been trying to show me? How has it made me stronger?

I think you’ll start to look at things in a different way because instead of thinking, oh, that’s horrible, that’s happened to me again. Oh, no one likes me or can’t do this or can’t do that. You’ll start to think, actually, I have come through this. Actually, that person might be there’s something underneath in that person that I haven’t seen. Maybe it’s me that needs to adjust my perspective. You can’t help everybody out there.

You can’t. And I’m sure most of you out there are what we call the impasse. These people are people, we try so hard to look after everybody else and help everyone else. But that is also a learning curve – sometimes we can’t, we have to bring it back home to us first. So that we can deal with things on the outside, we can deal with other people, but we can’t deal them until we get ‘us’ right first.

Part of that is to think that we are a small part of a much bigger connection. It gives me so much love and hope when I’ve done past life for many, many years. And I’ve read about it, I have practised hypnotherapy for many years and I’ve had past life dreams and experiences myself, and maybe you have as well. To me, it’s just a little bit of a hint of saying this is all these life times that you may have had all these experiences.

You cannot have all needed experience in one lifetime. If you could experience everything that you’ve got in one lifetime, then I bow to you, because we are all complex we’re so diverse! It’s such a wonderful thing to know that we can go back to spirit – this is not the end.

There are maybe other planets, other dimensions. But I think I’ll give it a few years before I come back down here again. Now, I think I’ll wait a bit!

Stop and think outside the box a little bit, that’s what I’m trying to say. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in past lives, but try to think of experiences that you have – as learning experiences, rather than just a problem or an issue. Think about how strong you have got from past experiences, because I bet there’s lots of you that can list how many things are wrong with us, what we don’t like, what we can’t do –  if we have to make a list of everything that we are good at and what positives we have learned – we would likely find that a lot more difficult. Because as human beings, we seem to be very a whole lot of negative. We easily find all the things that’s wrong with us!

If someone says ‘you look nice!’, you’re like no, no… and disregard the comment. But we need to start looking at our strengths as well now and all these experiences, whether in this lifetime or not. Look at your strengths, you have built that up so that when you go to Spirit, as we all will, we’re all going to meet there one day and where we go from there, we can decide then, you know, but just know that your loved ones have gone if they’re there, which they will be they’re waiting for you.

Something they’ve done in their life has helped and impacted something in your life. You are a catalyst for change in yourself as they are. And when you see that dynamic as a whole, we realise actually how connected we all are and know how strong we can stand together and be together.

And then when you start to understand that everybody is on that journey, everybody’s on that path of challenge, and hopefully this thinking can make us a little bit kinder. A little bit more compassionate to say that, you know, they’re also struggling and maybe I’ll have to stand back a little bit and allow them to be them as well.

This is why, unfortunately, this no hugging situation at the moment, i’m a hugger, i’m a hugger. It’s been very hard for me, as it probably has been for all of you as well.

The connection and the keeping that positivity in mind that spirit are here, that they’re watching over us. When we meet again, we’ll put some other challenges in. We’re coming. We’re coming back. We’re going to do it better next time. And that’s the thing in life as well. When we make mistakes, sometimes we think that’s the end of it or we put off of doing something because we think, oh, I can’t do it.

I’ve done it once. If we’ve got to come back here many, many times face your fear and do it anyway. And for those of you that think there isn’t anything else. For some people thats personal choice that we are here only once. And sometimes you just got to embrace life anyway, haven’t you, because what’s the point in waiting to get to a certain age to do something or certain financial situation to do something else? So maybe a case of ‘live your life like it’s your last day!?’

Know that we will make mistakes, but because everything is in cycles, years go in cycles, problems, even wars in the world seem to come around in cycles.  So remember, we are a new person every three months, so you just renew your thought, yourself and realise that, you know what? ‘We are connected and 2021… We’re going to make it count’ because this year, I think we’ve all realised the challenges everybody’s had this year. You know what? We have to take the bull by the horns and really live and live our best life and be the best person we can be. So thank you very much for listening.