Wake Up in the Morning and Say Thank You!

Having trust in that link with faith, I feel that is what helps us to deal with whatever happens on a daily basis.

Having the trust and faith really helps us get through so many situations which come in to our lives, there are always challenges, some things we need to take control of.  It may be that we need to personally take control of situations, maybe, take control and help others, and sometimes we need to take a principled position in whatever that situation is.  People come to depend on us as an individual for many things, be it through an ageism situation, maybe we are parents, or guardians, maybe we are in situations where we work with people who are less fortunate than ourselves and the come to rely upon us,to rely on our decisions, our help and our guidance.

It’s wonderful, I believe, as being a Spiritualist we have that wonderful insight that we can actually raise ourselves to be just that little bit more, we can have an affinity with those who we come in to contact with.  We can find that unconditional empathy with people, and the sensitivity that we find ourselves often in, that we can sense and we can feel people’s energy, that we can see beyond the facade of the face.  Especially when people say “Ah yes, fantastic I feel wonderful, never felt so good in my life” and you look at them thinking yes, you’re just giving me a false sense of security here, I can see by your energy, Ican see by your body movement, the way you’re conducting yourself that it’s not the true you.  There is something far deeper and more involved than your prepared to give forth.

Yes, we are all individuals and we all, at times, feel that we can talk and trust certain people, but then there are others that we feel a little self conscious, not quite sure of that person, and we keep that person a little bit at bay. We don’t quite know them, we don’t know what their motives might be, and until we know them we just keep them a little bit at bay.

Today, unfortunately, perhaps the is the medium, perhaps it’s the way society is going, we are finding out things far more quickly, far more in depth, and so many people seem to be taking advantage of each other and busting people, but also their own dignity.  Unfortunately we have situations now where people have been abused, and have held onto bad feelings for many years.  Frightened to talk about it, frightened to name and shame those who carried out the abuse.  It may be for themselves that they felt embarrassed that they allowed that situation to take place, or that they have tried to say to other people about it and the have not been believed for whatever reason.

Whatever that situation is, it can be a very difficult situation and a very sensitive situation that we can find ourselves in.  Again, it’s that love that we send out and give can help, especially at a very difficult time of losing someone very close to us.  That time of bereavement which probably brings the majority of people in to the awareness of Spiritual work and understanding.

It’s so difficult and hard at times, that when we come face to face with those situations, when we see people who are suffering, when we know it is a terminal situation, we can only then help and support.  The wonderful things we do when we are here in Churches, perhaps we do it through prayer at home, or where ever we may be, we can send out those wonderful healing prayers for all those who are sick and suffering, and cleanse and help as best we can.

These are the situations we find ourselves in, situations where we can only sometimes give help and support to those suffering – these are times that we at least need to be there for them. For those who are in those unfortunate situations where they have to say goodbye to their loved ones, whoever they may be, it’s taking the personal side away from the situation, as much as we want to hold on to them, as much as we want them to be here in their physical forms, it’s then that perhaps we need to take our feelings to one side and to think of them person who may be suffering.  Do we really want them to be suffering in pain and in difficulty?  Do we want them to get to that situation where they can no longer look after themselves – they are totally reliant on somebody else. Their personal dignity has been taken from them.  It’s a very hard decision, and for those who unfortunately have to face that decision, it’s not an easy one to make, but there does come a time when unfortunately some of us have to make that decision.  We have to take all our personal feelings and our personal situation away from it and allow them to go peacefully.

There’s a wonderful thing, and maybe not too soon, but one thing we may find that when we make the transition, and go back through the veil to return home, from my understanding of talking to a number of people, there seems to be a period of time, around two weeks before the time of passing, that we seem to have a situation where loved ones from spirit come to join us and they already have that wonderful celebration of being reunited with our loved ones in Spirit.  Lifting their energy and they normally seem to suddenly recover and become quite well again, then suddenly, very nicely, we drift off back home to friends, wherever we are, whatever we do and wherever life takes us, the important thing to remember is to celebrate each day of our lives.  

Wake up in the morning and say thank you, thank you for bringing me through and to experience whatever is going to be the challenge for today.  


  • This is a transcript of a Spiritual address given by Robin during our Divine Service on 18th February 2018, at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church.