Spirit Will Guide You- Spiritual Address by Matt Grogan

March is very much a fundamental time of the year for ourselves, whether it’s Christian or national Spiritualist, as we come to the 173rd anniversary of the Fox Sisters and the rappings, and the reason I want to talk about these, because we’re about 10 days away from the anniversary of that. At that time there was a lot of developments, a lot of changes that were happening and there was a lot of communication with spirit in different forms.

Now, for those who don’t know, and I’m sure there will be many, is that obviously Kate and Margaret, the two young girls basically started to communicate with a sensible spirit and intelligent spirit known as Charles Rozner, and started to do that for various rapping’s and start to do that in an intelligent conversation and have a intelligent communication that took place.

Now, as we now come 173 years forward, we’re now seeing various sort of intelligent communication that’s taking place again and spirit have adapted. At the moment there’s this pandemic, there’s lots of things going on. But things that we can do, things that we can change, we have the lovely live stream that we have tonight, but, you know, churches up and down the country that were struggling to get people through their doors have suddenly got new people coming from all over the country, all over the world, starting to communicate and want to be a part of it.

And instead of the seats of the church being filled with seeing the video boxes and the different sort of cameras that are being filled, all around the world, and spirit getting their message across in different ways now. Spirit have a lovely way of putting things, a lovely way of communicating and allowing us to interact and allow us to connect in all different levels. How many of you have come on tonight or in previous weeks and thought, “oh I didn’t even know Thundersley was here?” Or how many of you have thought ‘I’ve suddenly come across this page. I don’t know why I’ve come across it. I’m going to check it out’ – because you’ve been drawn to this page or you’ve been drawn to that  person to give you the message and for that person to give you what you need. I always remember many years ago when I started on my journey, one of my teachers saying to me, ‘Spirit will always give you what you need, not what you want.’.

And I thought that’s a bit of a strange comment to make. And as I went away and I pondered on it, over the years I’ve had different experiences, I understand what they mean. They will always give you and put you in the situations that you need to be in. They’ll never put you in a situation that’s going to bring you harm. They’re never going to see you desolate and sort of homeless, and they’re not going to leave you without any money.

Now, I know over the years there’s been times that I’ve sort of questioned this, and I’m sure many of you on here tonight will say, you know, I’ve had my fingers on my toes crossed at various times where I wanted things to happen and wondered whether it would, I needed that trust to happen. So, for example, when I’ve needed money to do spiritual work may be for petrol in the car. I may be needed £45 for the petrol and for whatever reason, suddenly something has gone through the door, a cheque or a reading has come up that’s brought exactly that amount of money and no more.

So it’s amazing to see how spirit work in so many different ways and how they’ve changed your lives for the better. How many of you have been through situations that you wouldn’t like to repeat, but they’ve taken you out of that situation. They’ve communicated with you while you’ve been asleep. They’ve communicated with you while you’ve been wide awake.

And they’ve also been talking to you in other ways, maybe through the radio, through a TV programme, through maybe a photograph of a loved one in spirit. It may be an article that you have to read. There’s so many different platforms and media that the message from Spirit can be shown to you.

Another of our stories is that we normally walk in the local cemetery and crematorium and we always see a beautiful Robin wherever we go. And now we got to the point of we think something’s wrong if we don’t see that Robin, because to us it’s just spirit saying, we’ve got your back, we’re here and, you know, we’re acknowledging you and where you are.

We also get where we keep getting these phone calls and we’re thinking how this person got our phone number and it’ll be to go and do a spiritual service, wherever that may be. So Spirit will always guide you to where you need to be, whether that’s in a development circle, whether that’s to be a healer, whether that’s just to knock on the door where a friend is being quite sad and needing some support. Whatever it is, Spirit will guide you.

And it’s up to you to decide if you want to go on that journey. That journey is so exciting, so loving, but is not an easy journey, and I say it’s not an easy journey because as most of you will know, there is many things that have happened in your life that have brought you to where you’ve needed to be. But when you start on that journey. What you do uncover is all the wonderful things that come from it.

You’re brought to like minded people, you’re brought to people who want to be around you, not because they have to be, because they want to be. They tell you stories that you don’t feel you need to hide from others, that they understand your story and where you’re coming from, also the age, you are and your development. To give you a bit of hope and perhaps you haven’t got it yourself. To me, spirit is an infinite intelligence. It’s got so much to offer all of us in so many ways.

I know myself and many people I’ve spoken to over the years would say, why didn’t I come into this way of life sooner? I wish I would have known about this way of life at an earlier date. But, you’re meant to come in at the right time for you, just as going back to the 1st of March, 1848, those young girls had to experience what they did, even though there had been various sort of spiritual happenings around the world before that.

That was the right time for Spirit to say now is the time to bring about change, and over the last 12 months, that change has come about once again. And it’s allowed us to stop and think what’s important. Now, I know for a fact that right back last March, you know, to think that you would be linking in for church services. For the other thing that you would need to communicate via technology in order to do a service I was totally surprised by.

And yet I also was surprised by the people who would come out clapping for different medical workers, for different people and for different friends. We shouldn’t forget that hope we shouldn’t leave that mentality of all being together and all being able communicate and join together in love and light. So from tonight, I want you to think about how do you communicate with others, how can Spirit communicate in different ways to you and those around you? But also look at the last year, not only as something to feel regret about, but also something that has many benefits as we go into this new generation, this new way of thinking and this new belief.

Thank you for listening.