Spirit Is All About Love – Spiritual Address by John Chafer

That’s what it’s all about, spirit is all about love, it’s about communication, it’s about the memories that we have because when someone goes into the spirit world, it’s their memories that they take with them, it’s their soul that goes with them as well. But what happens after that? Where do we go? Is it our memories that survive into the spirit world? Earlier on during the week, I was watching one of our neighbors who had recently passed, a very elderly gentleman, whose wife had passed before him. It was very, very sad to see what I did see. He’d collected so many memories in his lifetime, he used to play bowls, he used to go out with his wife, they used to go on lovely, lovely holidays. But what happened was all his memories that he collected on the way, whether it was just mementos, his holiday memories, his life and his collection of items that he’s actually collected were actually thrown onto a skip. It is frightening to think that this person hasn’t got any memories left, bhe has. He has the memories of his loved ones that are around him, he’s got those memories deep in his soul.

It was sad to see every single item that he made over the years just thrown in that skip. But we have memories, we gave memories, we learnt from memories, and we have a laugh from memories. That is what all memories are about, because when we go into the spirit world, the memories that we have, we take with us. The thing is that when we go into the spirit world we have love. We have our love for the ones that we have left behind and we see that love. We can’t take our cars, we can’t take the money that we’ve actually earnt, but what we can take is a communication of the two worlds together. 

Even our animals that are taken over into the spirit world, they have their memories as well, they will have their memories on the Earth plane. With them memories when we look at them people that passed over, we can remember the love, we can remember the laughter. But the thing is, we remember the tears. No one actually wants to go over into the spirit world, until they’re actually ready, but our loved ones will take us over when our time is ready. It could be all of a sudden, it could be quick, or it could be a long, drawn passing. So many people know when they are ready to go out into that spirit world. How many people have you seen that are in hospitals, in sick beds that say, ‘can you please tell me who that person is by the side of me?’ And that is their loved one ready to take them into the spirit world.

When we go into the spirit world, we learn a lot and we gain a lot. Here on the earth plane we are learning about knowledge, we are gaining knowledge and when we listen to people, we help people. 

Everybody has a spiritual journey that they go on. No one knows where that spiritual journey is going to take us because that is our chapter in our life. We take one chapter after the other. No one knows where our life is going to take us and as I said to you before, our life can be taken so suddenly, and that will leave so much grief on the earth plane for that person. But we have that love, we have that communication and spirit are always close to us. They won’t tell us the future, but they can give us advice, how to move on, how to communicate. We’re all spiritual people, in our body and this body is just a shell of where we are actually going, and that shell we can’t take with us. The thing that we do take with us is actually our soul and our souls hold so many things, so much love. There might be anger, but when we get into the spirit world, we leave the anger behind us.

Never forget where our loved ones are, they’re always close to us. Always say hello to them, always speak to them, because they are very, very close to us.