New Carpet fitted through-out the Church

We are pleased to have a brand new carpet fitted through-out the Church thanks to a Grant from the Veolia Trust.

The new carpet replaces the second hand carpet-tiles from an exhibition hall that were donated when the new Church building was opened back in 1998.

However, it was identified that the existing carpet-tiles were not helping to keep the heat within the Church, and everyone agreed that they have become faded and the floor was harder than we’d like.

Unfortunately the cost of a new carpet, including underlay, ran in to the thousands and despite continual fund raising efforts it seemed out-of-reach; Until Kay from our committee was successful in accessing the grant from the Veolia Trust, for which we are very grateful.

The new carpet is more than we could have hoped for, much softer and thicker, and this should make coming to our Church a much nicer experience for everyone.

At the first Sunday service since the new Carpet has been fitted it was a huge improvement with many positive comments from the congregation.