Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself – Spiritual Address by Tony Swindells

When I do philosophy, I don’t prepare it, I like it to come through spirit. And actually, when I was asked if I want to do philosophy tonight, I was going to say no, but the words, ‘yes, I’ll do some philosophy’ came out. So, there we are. There was a poem read at Littleport Christian Spiritualists the other night, and it was talking about ‘connectedness’ and how we are all connected.

I was asking Spirit today ‘what’s my philosophy going to be?’ And as I was scrolling through my Facebook page, which is a dreadful thing to do, because I get involved in all sorts of conversations with all sorts of people, there were some negative comments about different things that were happening in America and over here. And I was replying to those and saying, ‘we’re all one person in Spirit – through God and Jesus Christ’, and that is coming back to me now.

So, if we all accept as Spiritualists and Christian Spiritualists that we are all created from God’s Spirit – that we are Spirit beings inhabiting a physical body for a short period of time, to experience what we need to experience in this lifetime. And then at the end of this physical life, we return back to Spirit. Then, it’s all one big cycle!  We are all Spirit… So as Spirit beings, there is no creed, colour, race, religion, particularly as such, we are all Spiritual beings waiting to return to our spiritual home in this life.

So, I guess where I’m going with this is… As Spiritualists and as Christian Spiritualists, we should follow the teachings of Christ and love thy neighbour as thyself and do unto others as you would have done unto you. And that, for me, is everything about being a Christian and being a Spiritualist. So, I think we all need to just… especially at this particular time, look out for each other a little bit more and reach out to your neighbour and reach out to another person.

I did see a quote the other day that said, ‘just be aware the person standing in front of you might be having a really terrible day. And your words. Could make or break that person in that moment in time’ – so that, I think, is the lesson that Spirit are trying to get from me tonight, that we all should just think about the person that we’re talking to, think about the people that are around us and just share the love of Christ and Spirit and love one another.

Love thy neighbour as thyself. Thank you. Thank you for listening to me.