Let’s Start 2021 with Forgiveness Within Our Hearts ? – Spiritual Address by Bill Hughes

I’ve chosen a poem to share with everybody this evening, and from that poem, I’ll just share a few words. I’ve taken the poem from one of my favourite books, which is called the Book of Healing Angels and other poems. And that’s written by a lovely lady, by the name of Irene Stead. And I have the great fortune of actually sitting in a circle with Irene. Circle, for those of you that don’t know what that means, it’s a medium’s classroom.

And Irene shares some wonderful, wonderful poems in that book. And it’s a great investment. So I think it’s available on Amazon and Ebay. So I’ve plugged a bit for Irene as well. So for any of you that are interested in the book, then please check it out. I’ll share this poem with you all, it’s labelled and titled Sweet Forgiveness.

Sweet Forgiveness

I bet when God looks down from above,
he can hardly believe his eyes:
the conflict and the cruelty
that goes on beneath his skies.

Why is man so unforgiving
with much hate within his heart?
Where’s all the love gone
That is born with us from the start?

If we could push the hate away,
And look to tomorrow, a fresh new day;
Cast the sadness, hate and sorrow aside,
say ‘this is my brother’, say it with pride;

Then, at the end of the tiring day,
put our heads on our pillows
and our prayers, then say;
Pray for the lost, that they will be found.

And that peace and much love
Our whole world will surround;
Then, as our father looks down from above,
He can sit back and smile at a job well done
Knowing man lives in peace, as it’s meant to be.


Lovely, lovely poem there – one of my favourites from the book, and I just really want to touch on the word forgiveness but for two specific reasons here this evening, the first form of forgiveness is for us to actually forgive ourselves, for us as a human race, to start forgiving all of the choices.

I don’t want to use the word ‘mistakes’ because we never make a mistake, they are always ‘lessons’. But for all of those choices that we impose upon ourselves. Whom we choose to surround ourselves with, to present those lessons that we need in life to actually acknowledge one’s self. To actually acknowledge the forgiveness that we need to place upon our own worth and these scenarios that are presented to us, these lessons, as I’ve just referred to, are a vital and important role in the construction and the evolution of our lives.

So one, let’s start 2021 with forgiveness within our hearts, because if we don’t love ourselves and we don’t start loving ourselves, then who else can we expect to love us? But then also two, for us to actually project that love out and to give that forgiveness to those who may have inflicted hurt and pain in many different ways that have impacted our lives. And some of you are probably asking the question, how can we offer forgiveness to somebody that’s done something that might be so terribly, terribly wrong to us?

And the answer is simple. What you have to do is place yourself within the mindset of that individual – for their actions, their words, whatever it is, impacts you as an individual.

Those actions and those words that have come from that particular person indicate and show you that they’ve come from a place that is in such. Filled with such light that it’s filled with dark – where there is dark, there is always light. Our seven days a week, 365 days of the year actually teach us that as a lesson. When we go to bed of a night time, we go to bed in the dark. But when we open our eyes, we open them in the light.

So the universe is teaching us in a massive way that wherever there is that dark, we always counter that with light. So wherever we have love, we should always be offering forgiveness. So let’s start. 2021 as I say, everybody with not only just loving and forgiving oneself ourselves, but also lets forgive those that have impacted our lives in whatever way it might be. Because if it weren’t for those lessons. Not the mistakes, those lessons.

If it wasn’t for those lessons, we wouldn’t be where we are today.