Let Healing Energy Flow by Lawrence Savill

You know, we in spiritualism, we understand healing, but we do tend to constrain it and it’s power with our own minds. We do tend to put conditions and terms on when we ask for healing. It is a perfectly natural human quality, but it’s something we must relieve ourselves of. Just let healing energy flow. Also, our understanding of healing – those you come to church or centres are used to the approach of the hands on healing. At this time, this is not available.

As we well know, the healing comes in so many forms, so many forms. You can be a kind word, can be a gesture, can be a helping hand. You can be those people that deal with segments of our society that we would think twice about dealing with. It’s all healing, it is all healing and healing is just freely given from the heart of all creation, channeled out through the mediumship of the healers, we should never forget our healers, are mediums also.

In fact, I quite admire the healers, in my mediumship I tend to get an instant – ‘yes’ or ‘no’, so you get feedback in this way. With healing mediumship, you just give healing and have to trust that it’s received on the levels that it’s needed. ‘Trust’ is always a very big word, very big word needed, because that leads me into the second part, symbolism,

Peter (in his Bible Reading), was seeing symbolism in the numbers, which is wonderful. I do understand a little numerology, but not a lot. But I see more symbolism in the words used and that feeding of the crowd, not in the literal sense, not sitting down to your dinner feeding, it’s feeding the need – it is feeding that heartfelt need for upliftment or a sense of purpose, a sense of direction within our lives by following a creed or following a religion or following whichever tenet you like.

It matters not, because by doing that, we fulfil that need. And the more we are fulfilled, the more that we have excess left over to pass on to give to other people. And it’s very true for the words of spiritualism over the many, many, many years that we’ve been receiving these philosophies and guidance from more advanced souls and spirits, and so much with so much richness in our wonderful religion. We go back. I’m reading a book at the moment, which was written in 1876, which is automatic writings and everything in there is pertinent to the world today.

I read from another book today that was 32 years old. And again, everything that was said was so pertinent today, because this timeless message with our philosophy is when you get those really strong philosophical writers, mediums bringing through these words. You know, the philosophies we’re given is to live a life. This part of our life, this existence is here and now and it’s full of direction and guidance on how best we live it. We’ll never be told you’ve got to live it that way because we have that ‘free will’.

Always, always, always that guidance is there, when you see these wonderful, wonderful works that are written and recorded and available online. You just sucker to that guidance given. And it is about love, it is humility, it is about healing. Most of the spiritualists in spiritualism works are based on healing through mediumship, but healing is given not only to the sitter who receives that communication, but also to the person giving that message.

You imagine you fell out with your best friend tomorrow, you‘ve been friends forever, but a huge row occurs and you storm off in separate directions. And then something happens to one of you, and you never had the opportunity to say, ‘you know what, sorry, hands up’ or whatever. Just clear that energy, because this is something we need to work with, and especially around this time, we need to keep clearing our energies very, very much so not holding on to those things that we can’t cause and effect upon, but holding on to those things that work with us, working with those things that we can actually work with, that we can create a change in ourselves or within our home, within our lives, in general, within others that we are assisting.

But those are the energies that work very much of a today, religion, very much of a today religion and all the help and the assistance is currently flowing through different works, different mediums. Through the people that get things going, through the people that bring people together, it’s all a gain through a mediumship presents the mediumship of inspiration. That’s for mediumship to say, that’s good. Why don’t you try it? That little thought, that’s a gift from Spirit, Spirit giving to us because they love us.

However, they won’t do things for us, they won’t take away things from us. We’ve got to work our way through this life learning with the law, cause and effect of what we do and how it affects others, how it affects us. I’m seeing a lot in people at the moment that only work on the ‘self’. And I find it quite fulfilling, actually, because a lot of people within the spiritualism movement, whichever name banner you go under it matters not, spend so much time giving out to others.

We’re always giving. We’re always doing something for other people, we’re here on a journey. Also, we’re here in this phase of our existence to be able to learn to be able to grow. Yes, by being in service to others is very meritorious, rewarded and applauded from the spirit world. But we also need to take that pause to take stock to go back within. To start working on that self healing, which is so, so, so important too.

The old saying of ‘healer heal thyself’. So true and so pertinent and so very true at this time. Because we are here in this time, if we are locked in, if we are restricted in our movements, if we are self isolating, if we are able to go to work if we’re able to go out in our duties. That one thread is running through every single human being on this planet. Of what’s going on, what’s going to happen? So we’ve got to start reaching inside ourselves to look at ourselves, examine ourselves.

By doing that, we’re working on that self healing and once we get to these balances, just ask spirit for inspiration, just ask for some help. But again, as with the healing – don’t constraint it, say, ‘right tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, I want my oven buzzer to go off’ –  because it probably won’t. But just say, ‘please, just give me a little sign, a little a little encouragement.’ – and if you have your eyes open, I guarantee, guarantee that some sort of confirmation will come through.

So, you need to be working with those self healing energies. Working from within, restoring ourselves. Bringing back that balance. We were very much out of balance before this time. To bring that balance back into ourselves leave others to their concerns, their arguments, that says it’s not yours, it’s theirs. You are only responsible for you and what you do. So when you look around at this time, and you feel if energy is rising through a comment, through a story or through Facebook or through whatever.

Just let them go. Let them go. Just bring all things back to self. Just sit there. When we can. In the quiet. In the stillness. And just invite spirit in to help us on whatever level we need. All the time our needs are met. And so, so many have so many wants. And the frustrations that arise from the wants being denied. When you do you sit, you listen? You invite spirit in and your needs will always be met. Thank you.