Know The Soul Is Eternal by Anita Panayiotis

I just can’t help but be in awe of all of the names that’s read out this evening just in this one church requiring healing and upliftment, and it made me think of two things, really. One is of gratitude and gratitude of heart, because at this time, there’s so much going on in people’s lives, our own lives, the world itself. It can be hard sometimes to look for gratitude around us and to feel gratitude. And we could say, what is gratitude?

Really, it is just about being giving and open of heart and being thankful for the small things that are in our life and in a world at a very high pace. We’re in a period within many countries, in many areas in total lockdown, not meant to be with people, see their friends, their loved ones, their family. They can’t say their last goodbyes for those that passed over, those that are sick. And I just think it can be very difficult to find that gratitude within our own hearts sometimes.

But gratitude is a bit like that, Donna spoke about earlier, the light is with us all, no matter how sometimes it may feel very dim in some of us, we know that light is always there. The light is us. It is the essence of our soul. And the soul is a spiritual part of us. And the soul is eternal. And at this time, again, many souls are crossing over not just with covid, but other reasons as well.

Know the soul is eternal, it is limitless, it’s only us in our physical bodies that limit what we do, what we think and how we feel, and having the gratitude to know that we are light beings. We are soul beings and we are here for sole purpose, not just for the material world and striving to get through the day, which it may feel like sometimes, but taking time just to pause and be still, still wherever you may be.

You may be at home. You may be out for a walk. You may just be even literally going to a shop. Lets be thankful, have gratitude that you have a home, you have a roof over your head with a bed to lay in gratitude for the friends that you can sort of still talk to and connect with, even be it by new technology. Because a few years ago, many people would not be using technology like what we are today.

There’s always something there to give gratitude for, even when things do feel, sometimes when we’re feeling a bit low and light may feel a bit dim at times. Know, the light is there. The light never goes out. Even those who cross the spirit world, that light just grows bigger, grows brighter because it is limitless. So try and find the gratitude even when you’re struggling, because that gratitude is in your soul.

What we are here to help and serve each other and just to reflect upon, you know, we may be feeling a bit let down by stuff, but there’s always a reason for us to get up and carry on and give gratitude and know that our soul is here. Sole purpose. And we will meet again with my loved ones in the spirit world when the time is right. So just know your light is always there and the same the soul is continuous.

Even that time we will not feel like that, it is there, it is limitless. We only can find our own physical body. So sit in the stillness. Reach out, connect with those around you. Those that you love and those that you don’t love necessarily just know that light is always there. Just for us to sit there and connect with our own spirit, our own soul, our own like being and give gratitude that we are here to help and support each other. So thank you for listening to me.