Just Because We Share Our Light with Others Doesn’t Mean Ours Diminishes – Spiritual Address by Tony Swindells

Today, I was sat at our breakfast bar doodling with a pen while I was doing other things and words kept coming down on my pad, so I brought it up with me because obviously I think that’s where Spirit want me to go with it today. I feel drawn to speak about. The world of spirit and our journey through life with spirit. My journey with spirit has been quite a long one. It’s been from me being really, really small. I’ve been aware of spirit, spirit around me.

And it’s but it’s only the last sort of seven years I’ve been in the spiritual movement. I went to my local spiritualist church in June, who’s become a really good friend of mine, gave me a message from my maternal grandmother telling me that it was time for me to start my journey. And if I didn’t want to, that was absolutely fine as well. They would leave me alone. So I threw my arms open and said, right, if you need me to work, then show me what you want me to do and they have.

And let me tell you once spirit find that little bit of light and they can get in. They won’t leave you alone. They will certainly make an interesting journey for you to the point where now I’m part of the new Christian Spiritualist Society, as we said earlier, and I’m well through my third year of a three year course to become a minister for the movement. And that has happened since lockdown. I started my studies at the beginning of the last lockdown or during the last lockdown, and I’ve been slowly working on it ever since.

I am a spiritualist medium and I have always had a faith and we were talking just before the service started and I said, it seems to me at the minute we are travelling through some quite dark times and as spiritualist mediums or spiritualists, sorry, we have to. Cast our light out into that darkness and enlighten it and to shine it on the path of those around us who maybe don’t have the faith and the belief that we have and show them the way, show them the way to know that there is a higher purpose and to know that it’s about how we travel the path rather than the destination, really.

Nick Brown, who is an archbishop for our society, he always says in his prayer, ‘Father, we ask not that you move the mountain, merely that you give us the strength to climb.’ And that’s the thing for me that’s important in our way of life. And especially being Christian spiritualist, it’s that we have faith in God and Jesus, but we also have faith in spirit that there will help us to climb. So not only have we got God and Jesus helping us on the way, we’ve also got spirit supporting us as well.

Everybody who loves us in spirit are giving us that climb. It’s also important for us that even those who try to snuff out our candle, our light, we say a prayer, we relight our candle and we just move forward. We take a step and we just pray for the people who have tried to put our light out. That’s not so important at the minute, because I don’t know if you’ve noticed in the first lockdown, it was all ‘we’ll go out and clap for for the carers’ and everything else.

But people seem to have turned inwards. The longer covid has gone on, the more people have turned inwards rather than out towards their fellow man, where as Christians and Spiritualists, it’s natural for us to look outwards to people rather than inwards to ourselves. And it’s just that we need to pray just that little bit harder for everybody at the minute. I mean, I pray all the time. Whenever I have a quiet moment, even if you pray just on a morning or just on a night or morning and night, that’s fine.

Just one final little thought, I wanted to say before I leave and we move on to the next part of our service – just because we share our light with others doesn’t mean ours diminishes. It just gets brighter because the lights doubled. And I will leave that with you and say God bless and thank you for sharing that time with me.