Lockdown has inspired spiritual writing like I have not experienced before. I suppose writing has always been a passion of mine since childhood. I used to love to write imaginative stories and be able to go off into that wonderful space in my mind. My writing has always been quite simple and never complex….. always for the layman to read and understand without the use of heavy language, complex words and jargon. Today I am reminded by spirit that I need to uncomplicate my life and express that simplicity in my writing because when we simplify our world becomes clearer and we have vision. We have the tools to move forward with greater pace and determination…. Perhaps I’ll talk about that another time but for today I share another piece of my writing written on 21.04.20. Hope you enjoy …. 


“Nothing can divide us, not time nor space and everything is infinite. Life itself is infinite. The here and now is only part of our journey, our journey to infinite wisdom. There will be many storms along the way …. accept them for they will make you stronger. They will help you evolve to be something higher than you already are. You belong to a host of souls. Souls who are at different stages of their journey. As you progress along your journey you must carry the weak. You must accept your journey for your journey has a purpose to pick up the weak and suffering and provide a refuge for them …. a shelter …. a place for them to recover until they are strong again to continue on their own journeys. All souls do this. As we go on our journey we pick each other up when we fall. Our journey is to the light….the everlasting light. This is a journey of not only human souls but a journey of creature souls and a journey of everything that is living, the plants and trees and the planet, the mountains  and the seas. You must walk side by side on the journey. For on the journey you will need support of all others. This is a journey of creation …… a journey of something new … for you play a part. You’ve always played a part. The life you have had so far is only part. Part of an amazing journey …. the amazing journey to eternity.”

We give to each other and we take from each other. Our journeys are rough and our journeys are smooth … they will have peaks and troughs. At every single stage of the journey we will each take our turn to be supported; we will each take our turn to be strong and together we will continue the journey of eternal life for we will be born again to journey again on another lifetime… another lifetime of tests but equally another lifetime of good and beautiful things. What you don’t experience in this earthly lifetime you will experience in the next.  We must all at times put ourselves in others shoes and try to understand them. We must all help each other. 

Thanks for reading. Love to you all. 

Elaine Jarrold