Find Approachable Spiritualism at Thundersley.

Many people first enter our Church because they are looking for answers, often after the death of a loved one or in times of personal struggle in their life. 

Everyone is welcome through our doors. 

From the first meeting at Mrs March’s house on Manor Road in 1933, to today’s weekly meetings at our beautiful Church building, Thundersley has always been a community of equals, walking their individual pathways together.   

Learning and growing together.   Supporting and comforting each other.

The trustees, committee and Church helpers all generously donate their time free of charge to run the Church, but we are all peers in communion with Spirit.

We don’t have ALL the answers, but our journey is to seek better individual understanding through Church activities such as the regular demonstration of Mediumship by guest speakers, meditations and, of course, the teachings of Jesus Christ.

For that reason we don’t carry titles or strict formality, but work in love & light – underpinned by our Church Constitution.

If you are seeking better spiritual understanding, join us for an event or follow our content on Facebook.  

We hope to see you soon.