Exercise; It Uplifts The Spirit – Spiritual Address By Candice Benson

Hello beautiful souls, good evening. 

So, for the address, this is a crazy world at the moment. I do suffer with depression, I have to say. And I go to a wonderful charity called Mind, and they’ve helped me so much during the lockdown. 

I have wonderful friends that I can talk to as well and they have been amazing. I feel that if you do need to talk to someone, please talk to someone. If you are feeling down and at the moment, things are a little bit up in the air. There is so much loneliness, there are people out there that can help you. 

All through these 12 weeks, I did get a little bit lonely. I’ve had my beautiful friends and my loving boyfriend that have helped me get through this, but I’ve also had Mind Charity. I go online, on their website and they’ve got counsellors that will talk to me. I’ve done some exercises to kind of entertain my mind. 

And I do like exercising, I love walking, I’m very keen on walking. If you are feeling down, then get out in that beautiful sunshine. Even though we’ve had rain, the sun is out now and everyone should go out walking because exercise is the best killer for feeling down. It uplifts the spirit. 

If you do need to talk to someone there are really lovely people out there now. And yeah, well, and with that, I’m going to leave my love and say God Bless. 

  • A Spiritual Address give by Medium Candice Benson during a Live Divine Service on Sunday 14th June 2020.
  • Watch the Service back here.