Every Single Thing Is Energy – Spiritual Address by Chris Gill

Like many of us, we’ve been confined to our homes and we’ve been finding things to do. I was sorting through some paperwork that you have just in the corner of the room sitting there looking at you and you just think I’m going to get that sorted now. So I decided to sort through this paperwork and this piece of writing came out, I’d like to read it to you this evening.

It was something that I wrote some time ago and I think it’s quite appropriate at the moment. It gives you food for thought, it does for me. It says…

‘Who am I? What do I see when I look within?
What is there beneath this skin?
Where is my spirit? Where does it hide?
What gives me such a sense of pride?
What makes me get up and go?
What is it that drives me so?
What gives me pleasure? What makes me sad?
Is this the life I should have had?
Have I done enough? What’s next?
What drives me on to do my best?
What gives me hope that knowing deep inside?
I will be given enough to survive.
I put my trust in the Spirit World
for there’s my guardian and my guide.
They will not forsake me and
will always be by my side.
They give me strength when times are rough.
They give me hope when nothing seems enough.
I will never walk alone.
My trust in them has simply grown
from small seeds into fields of green.
My strength, my hope, my everything.’

And that made me think about myself and obviously how we relate to each other. Every single thing is energy and collectively we can come together to put our energies together and create some really good things.

I’ve always felt that I’m on the inside of this body. It’s funny, really, I’ve always felt that this is just a vehicle that allows me to move around. I don’t know where that ever came from, It’s something that I’ve always just kind of known. And I’ve always had this immense faith that I’ve never, ever been on my own. I’ve spent a lot of time not having my parents around, I’ve spent a lot of time on my own and I’ve never felt alone. I think now as we collectively come together, I think we feel God and the Angels around us and know that there’s help around us. We are never left just to kind of get on with stuff on our own. There’s always help around us, there is always our Guardian Angels that look over us, they never leave us. They’re there all the time. 

I feel so fortunate to have my beliefs and faith and to be able to feel the spirit world. I don’t see them now like I used to when I was younger. I could see spirit, but as I got older things changed, I think it takes a lot of their energy to show themselves to us. So I don’t see spirit as such, I get pictures in my mind and I feel them, sense them. And it is that sense of knowing when I work that they’re here and around me. The reason I do it is to bring comfort to the families, it’s such a privilege to do that for families and friends that are here who have lost their loved ones and their neighbours and their friends. 

Just a while ago, we had one of the mediums at the church who had just started taking to the platform. We had a lovely evening at the church when a couple of starting mediums came along. Shortly after that this medium put up a page on Facebook for us to be able to go to everyday, it was a 30 day challenge to show gratitude. So for 30 days we could put on the wall what we were grateful for. Everyday we would get up and we could log on at any time of the day or in the evening and say what we were grateful for that day. It was amazing reading people’s comments on what they actually felt grateful for and it was really humbling. It made me and I think a lot a lot of us realise just how much we have to be grateful for, even in today’s climate, where things are difficult for everybody. We all have our challenges, but to do this 30 days of being grateful, it makes you think, we are so lucky to be in this country, to be where we are in this space and time. It’s something I would recommend to all to do, it doesn’t take a few minutes, but just to sit and be grateful for things that are going on around us. It can be the simplest of things, but it does make you think. 

I belong to a distant healing group, not many people know that. It’s not to do with our lovely church, but It’s something I’ve done. I met a very special man about 25 years ago. And I used to meet up with him in my working life. He used to come and see me and he set up a healing group. In this healing group we would just get a text message on our phones to say that a certain person needed some healing. I don’t know how many people are in this group, I’ve never met them. I’ve only met this one special man, as I say, I’ve known him a long long time. But collectively we all come together whenever we can and we send healing to a named person. We don’t know these people, we just have a name like we have in our church healing book. So we have the names of the people on there and we send out our own healing. It’s absolutely amazing the effect that it has collectively on all of us. Then whoever put that note up for a loved one, a friend or relative, even in another country, they would come back and tell us the results. They would tell us that this person has felt better, that their quality of life has improved. I’ve been doing that for the best part of nearly 25 years. I know that the power of thought and prayer can actually change outcomes for people. And I feel that’s something that we all collectively do in our church. 

It’s lovely to have so many people that we haven’t met joining us on this livestream. To bring everybody together when we can’t collectively be inside one building. In the face of tragedy, our nation is coming together as people unite. This is obviously not the first time in history. There have been wars, religious wars, there’s been famines, there’s been plagues, there’s been serious other illnesses. And it’s sometimes when tragedy strikes when people come together. People unite and support each other and I think that’s an amazing thing to witness.

I know in this time that we’re in now it can be really tough for a lot of people. And other people have reached out, reached out in whatever way they can to help. I recently moved to this area not knowing anybody at all and I was very fortunate to be put in contact with some groups that offer online support, telephone calls and things like that. These past couple of weeks, I’ve had live chats with people. The Internet comes into its own, I’ve had live chats with people and people have reached out. There’s a neighborhood thing going on where people volunteer to collect prescriptions and go to the shops for people that can’t go and all sorts of things. Obviously on a Thursday evening, we all go to the front of the house and clap for our fabulous NHS. Me being new, I don’t know many people, but all of us neighbours come out and everybody speaks across the gardens which is really lovely, because as I said we don’t ever feel like we’re on our own. So since we’ve all had to stop our daily activities we’ve become more aware and have noticed more things in our garden and I’ve seen some beautiful pictures. 

This has been the most fabulous springtime, I think on record. It’s just been amazing to see everything come to life and I think it just goes to show us that we need to step back and look at what has been happening in our world. I’ve heard people say they don’t want it to go back to how it was. If we can take something from this dreadful experience, some good that will come out of it is that we can in some ways change. Families are coming together. It’s not just mums at home with the children, having parents staying home and getting to spend more quality time with their children is really important. 

We live in a very materialistic world where there’s bills to be paid. And this time is creating some hardship for some families, but at the same time, the balance is that they get to spend time with their children and their children will never, ever forget this time where they’re not at school, that they’re at home. I know older people like myself and my husband who have been self isolating for some time find it tough. It’s tough not being able to see our loved ones, our grandchildren, our sons, daughters and families. But fortunately, we have telephones. It’s not like when I was a child where we had to run down the end of the road to the phone box. So we have connections. Hopefully in time when everything lifts we can start to mix and get back with our friends and families. I hope that in some way we can take some of this experience with us that we do appreciate our time more and won’t end up just chasing like perhaps we did before. I hope we can appreciate the things that are around us, nature, our parks and green lands, our country animals. So many people put pictures up where animals are now in the streets local to their homes where they didn’t see them before.

So I think our Earth has just taken one mighty breath and one big, huge sigh of relief that we’ve stopped. There’s not been a cloud in the sky for weeks, and it’s just been amazing. I’ll leave those thoughts with you. I know it has been tough for a lot of people. But we are strong and we will come through this and we will get together again with our families and our friends. 

Thank you for listening.