Each and Every One of Us are Loved – Address by Lainey Baine

Hello to all of you this evening. This is my dog Poppy who has decided to come and join me, too. One thing about not being in a church that doesn’t allow animals is you can have them at home. As you know, it is Mothering Sunday today, a day to let mums still here and those in spirit know how much they are loved and appreciated.

For what’s probably the first time in our lifetime, certainly in mine, we may not be able to just pop in and see our mum. I know I can’t, for the fear of spreading the Coronavirus. But there are always ways of letting our mums know we love them, of letting them know how we appreciate them. Technology, telephones, mobiles are ways to keep in touch. People are even joining their families outside the windows from a safe distance just to let their family, their loved ones know they love them. 

Please remember that each and every one of us are loved in whatever means, whatever capacity. Not just at this time, but at any time. Say hello to someone, I said hello to a postie going past me in the town the other day, I shouted out thank you so much for all your work. And this lady’s face had the biggest of smiles, it was utterly beautiful. She just seemed to pick up her step and move on down the street. These are precious little moments. It’s good to think of others, not just ourselves. And that’s why this evening has been brought to you by this wonderful church, because they are continuously thinking of all of you and the surrounding humans and the whole world around us.  

It is a guarantee that where there is life, there is also death, we must appreciate that, but life goes on. Spring has sprung and you may have noticed that the clouds are nonexistent at the moment, there’s less pollution in the air. If you have a garden and it’s safe to do so, then step outside your back door, or look outside of your window. Look for the birds and listen to them singing, watch them flying around. Look at the flowers that are budding, flowering and find joy in the wonderful creation. Look at their beautiful colours and just feel the growth and happiness that they’re feeling, being able to breathe fresh air again. 

There is a lot to be thankful for and to be grateful for. We sometimes miss that by worrying, being afraid, experiencing panic attacks, anxiety and loneliness, feeling like nobody really cares. But there are so many people out there that do. At the moment, all we seem to hear is death, the doom and gloom and the nasties and the people that are bulk buying and worrying what we’ll do if we run out of food. Food is still being delivered. People are still working to keep us healthy, to keep us safe. It’s a case of just being aware of that. You know that you can get on the phone or shout out of the window or door if you’re in need of something such as food or conversation. People are coming forward to help others and there are so many volunteers, people that would never dream of volunteering before. 

Sadly, it’s taken this for them to realize that, there’s more to this world than just your own little bubble. You can do stuff to help people. If you’ve got a pet like my little dog, then spend more time with them, teach them tricks if they’re able to. Bring up the energy and take away the negativity. 

I had a mini panic attack yesterday because it just became ridiculously overwhelming. The fear that I’ll lose my mum, that I’ll lose anybody that I know. But we’ll get through this. Whatever the outcome, we will get through this and we’ll do it together. It’s not all doom and gloom. The life we have now, lets live it the best way that we can. It is just adapting and getting used to how things are, it could be for a few months. People are losing holidays, people are losing work, their jobs. But there is help out there. Random acts of kindness, not just once a week or year, but every day. That includes being kind to yourself too. We’re probably the last person we’re kind to, probably the last one that will actually love us for who we are while we’re so busy giving it to others. 

I’ll bring it back to Mothering Sunday which happens all over the world at different times of the year. For those whose mums are in spirit, they’re still around you and I’m sure you’ve felt them along the way as well. I’m lucky enough to have my own mum still here, but my dad isn’t. He is still part of my family though. 

Donna already mentioned Mother Earth earlier she is at last getting that chance to breathe, to start healing. 

I would just like to wish everybody the amount of love coming out to you from us, to let you know there are so many lovely people that have joined us this evening. I’m just looking at the side of my screen and I’m seeing all of your comments. Please continue with those comments, know you’ll be responded to by one of us talking to you. 

I’d like to read a poem that I found earlier, it’s a Mothers Day prayer for you. 

I said a Mother’s Day prayer for you
to thank the Lord above
for blessing me with a lifetime
of your tenderhearted love.

I thanked God for caring
you’ve shown me through the years,
for the closeness we’ve enjoyed
in time of laughter and of tears. 

And so, I thank you from the heart
for all you’ve done for me
and I bless the Lord for giving
me the best mother there could be. 

For some, their relationships may have broken down over the years. Some may never have known their mum. But whatever the situation, we had a mum, we have a mum. We also have Mother Earth and we need to look after each other and care for each other a lot more. Please remember that you are loved, that you are being thought of and if you need any help, you’ve got some incredible people at this church. And include me in on that too please, if I can help in any way.

 Look after yourselves. Thank you. 


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