Be Proud of Who You are, Learn to Love Yourself and Trust Spirit are Always guiding you ….. 

We are all guilty of judging a book by its cover so to speak, but if we look beyond someone’s cover and turn the pages of their book we may be surprised to discover the real person that lies within…. perhaps a person who has so much to give who has been totally misread or misunderstood. 

On the other side of the coin…. . It’s true that many of us do not wish to wear our hearts on our sleeves and find it difficult to let our guard down fearing how others will perceive us. We may feel unloved, unworthy and rejected by others, but sometimes if we let others in just a little they may begin to understand why we are the way we are and accept us. 

Fearing what others think, what they may say about us, or the perception they have of us prevents us being who we really want to be. It takes away our freedom and restricts us. We may feel like retreating and lose all self confidence. We should all be proud of who we are and be ourselves… the way God intended. 

So now we have all been given this time by the Universe perhaps to reflect on our lives and who we really are. We have been given time to realise what’s important. We have been given time to think about change and who we want to be as our earthly lives are short. We are all a mere speck in time and space as we know it, but a very important speck which plays an important role, for every single one of us has purpose and every single one of us has a value. 

We should try to understand that everyone’s perception of us will be different because every soul is unique. Like attracts like and looking at it from a spiritual point of view we would say that we are all drawn to different soul groups, but a soul group where we will “fit in”.

For some of us it is difficult to understand why others see us in a way that is different to how we want them to see us or how we see ourselves. Throughout life it may be difficult for us to accept this fact and this may give rise to bad feeling and perhaps confrontation.  The most important thing for each of us is to accept who we are and be happy with ourselves. We don’t have to impress anyone or be the same as them … because we are all unique.  Our spiritual paths are unique.  We have other virtues perhaps that the next person does not and perhaps others may not be as far on their life’s journey of learning as us. After all life is purely a journey of lessons for our spirit to evolve….. to become something higher, something better. 

So, today take a good look at yourself in the mirror and the reflection that stares back at you….not just your exterior. Look deep within.  Look at your soul, for that is the real you. If you don’t like what you see then you have free choice to change to create a better version of you. Let’s concentrate on the positives…. think about all the things you like about yourself….. perhaps it’s the good in you, perhaps you have a proudness of who you are and what you represent, perhaps it’s the fact that you have morals, high standards and respect.  The list is endless. Hold on to these positives and work on the negatives…. the things you would like to change. Perhaps you are talented and want to develop that talent. You now have the time to create the best possible version of you. Use this time of reflection wisely.  Do not be afraid of the journey ahead and understand you will always have the guidance of spirit…….

In your darkest moments of despair understand that we will lift you, we will carry you and that we are there eternally.

When you lose faith, look….look closely and you will find us for we are guiding you and protecting you.

We will give you hope, strength and determination to carry on even though the road ahead may seem craggy and uneven. We will smooth the road and help you face the mountain that seems insurmountable …… where you cannot see the summit. We will give you strength along the way. Rest if you are weary but don’t give up for we will be forever silently travelling your path with you.

In the darkness look for our light and understand that the darkness will not last forever.  The morning sun will rise again in the East, like it always has, because the revolving of the planet and the evolution of life is continuous and we will never fail you.”

There will always be work to be done to create a better version of you. It will never end because that is what the journey of life is all about……. Lessons ….. lessons that will never end and even on the day you depart this earthly life and transcend to the higher realms of spirit you will continue to learn until you are born again to continue the journey of learning on earth once again but in a different body….. a different shell.  Accept the challenges that come your way, for they will make you stronger. In the meantime be who you want to be; live the life you want to live! Always remember to be proud of yourself. Remember how far you have come and what you have achieved and when you have excelled. Remember to love yourself for if you do not love yourself how can you possibly love others?

This is your life …. your story. You are the author,  so create the person who you want to be for you are the most important  person in the universe. Spirit will help you stand tall and be proud of who you are….. YOU!

Thank you for reading and bless you all.

Elaine Jarrold 

May 2020