Spirit Is The Word Of Love – Address by John Chafer

There are so many things going on at this moment.  All the problems that people are having with the Coronavirus and people are losing people, but what we’ve got to realise now is that we can move on from this. We can learn and we learn about a lot from the spirit world.  What they are doing for us.

But this time in life is for us to reflect about where we are going and who we actually are because spirit is a connection that we actually need. Spirit is the word of love, it’s the two worlds together, but they are helping us on our journey and they are making us learn so much more through what is going on throughout. But sometimes we need to trust in our gut instincts. We need to learn to trust in spirit that they are guiding us, that they are learning.

And in the spirit world, when someone passes over, they learn as well. Unfortunately, with spirit they can’t stop this virus that is going on around us. But what they can do is actually send the healing out to people and try to help heal that world. There are so many people desperate out there at the moment, they are alone with no one there to care for them. The more healing that we set out to them, the more energy that they get from spirit. But when we trust in spirit, we learn about other things. This has made me learn about nature. It’s made me learn about communication. Going back to basics, how we were, how we was; and we can cope with this. So many people don’t think that this is going to be a ‘thing’ but we can learn from it. We can learn so much about bringing people back together. In the old days, people used to cope with the war.

And we can do this. This is only a minor thing. It’s not a major thing, but as my guides always tell me, they are there watching over us, helping us and teaching us on our journey of spirit, because spirit is a very, very big thing, it’s the communication between the two worlds and that big communication of the two worlds are all about love and it’s all about helping one another. And that is what we are doing at the moment.

Through this love of the world, we are all joining together to try and help other people. This is a very, very quick address because I know that people at the moment, they need their messages from their loved ones. They can’t get to their Churches. They can’t get to their halls. And I know that people are desperate for their messages of loved ones. So, I’m going to leave that little address with you and say God bless and thank you for listening to me.

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