Frank White

Frank WhiteHi , I am Frank,  some of you may know me as Silver Wolf.  I come from a deeply religious background,originally Church of England, but now Christian Spiritualist. I have been aware of Spirit from a very young age, my Grandmother was a Medium and a Healer.

I first came to our Church in 2016 about 9 months after my Wife passed. At first I was just looking for some answers and some guidance.  Over the next year I trained as a Spiritual Healer and developed my Mediumship and in 2017 I joined our Church Committee feeling that I had much to offer in that role, in December 2019 I took over as Medium Secretary.

I love everything I do for our Church and some of my happiest times are when I am working for you . During my time at our Church I have made many goods friends. I look forward with excitement to see where Spirit guides me next and what it has planned for me.God Bless you all.