Making Thundersley COVID-Secure

Update 24th February 2022: All legal restrictions in the UK have now been removed.


Protecting everyone who comes through the doors at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church is our top priority. To ensure we remain COVID-Secure we maintain a Coronavirus Risk Assessment and associated guidelines to help us operate events safely.

Please read the following carefully to find out how our COVID-Secure controls will affect you:

Face Coverings

Face coverings are not required, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one then please do.

Limiting Numbers

We follow the government guidance on attendance as follows:

Activity Gathering Limit
Church Services
  • No Limits
  • Our maximum capacity is 60.
Marriage Ceremonies
  • No Limits
  • Our maximum capacity is 60.
  • No Limits
  • Our maximum capacity is 60.
  • No Limits
  • Our maximum capacity is 60.

Order of Service

We continue to review our order of service. Singing and praying are permitted.

Refreshments & Shared Items

Our kitchen is open for tea/coffee after services.

The library is open.


Singing is allowed.

The medium or presenter will use the microphone on the platform to amplify their voice.

Collections & Donations

We would gratefully receive donations however you are able including cash, card or PayPal (, however there will be a collection box at the door. 

Contact Tracing 

Contract Tracing is no longer required, so we will not be collecting your contact information and the NHS Track & Trace QR code has been removed.

Find out more in our Privacy Policy.


You do not require a tick to attend most events.

Physical Distancing

Our seating has returned to full capacity.

Entering / Exiting the Building

Enter/Exit as usual.


The number of seats has been returned to 60.  Please maintain space while in Church.

Chairs are not placed face-to-face.

If you Feel Unwell

Please DO NOT come to Church if you feel unwell, even if you believe it is not Coronavirus.

Remember: we are broadcasting services online, so you can join in safely from home. 

Sanitizing & Cleaning 

We are maintaining increased levels of sanitization and cleaning, particularly at touch points such as entrance/exits, toilets, kitchens, chair-backs.  

60%+ Alcohol Sanitizer is placed around the Church for everyone to use.  We are also using anti-bacterial spray.

Please remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Welfare Facilities 

All Toilets are open.  Disinfectant and sanitizer is available for before and after use.

Use disposable towels and throw them in the bins provided.


We are continue to ventilate the Church as best we can.

Those Over 70 or Vulnerable

You are more than welcome to come to Church. 


Healing will be available.