Making Thundersley COVID-Secure


⚠️ You must read this guidance and book a place at an event before you attend. ⚠️


Protecting everyone who comes through the doors at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church is our top priority. To ensure we remain COVID-Secure we have made some changes to how we run events in the Church building.

The Committee and Trustees maintain a Coronavirus Risk Assessment and associated guidelines to help us operate events safely.

Please read the following carefully to find out how our COVID-Secure controls will affect you:

Limiting Numbers

We follow the government guidance on attendance as follows:

Activity Gathering Limit
Church Services
  • 14 Double Chairs (28 Seats)
  • 2 People from the same household may sit together.
Marriage Ceremonies
  • Maximum 30.
  • 14 Double Chairs (28 Seats)
  • 2 People from the same household may sit together.
  • Maximum 30.
  • 14 Double Chairs (28Seats)
  • 2 People from the same household may sit together.
  • 18 Single Seats in a circle.

Accessibility During COVID-19

The entry and exit points of the Church are accessible to those with accessibility issues.  When booking your ticket (see below) to attend a service please make us aware of any additional accessibility requirements.  Our Church team can pause the one-way system (see below) if required to allow you entry and exit via the rear ramp.

While we discourage the use of toilets during events, the disabled toilet remains available.  Toilets and touch points will be sanitized between uses.

Our Hearing Loop system remains available to assist those who have compatible hearing aids.

New Order of Service

You may notice that the order of service has changed to incorporate COVID-Secure controls.  For example, singing and praying aloud will no longer take place.

Refreshments & Shared Items

Unfortunately, we will NOT be providing refreshments (tea/coffee/water) at events.  Please bring your own drinks if required.

We are also limiting the use of shared items to the absolute minimum. The library is out of use.

All touch points are sanitized before and after events.


Sadly, singing will not be part of our events, as this may increase the spread of the virus.

There will be no raised voices.  The medium or presenter will use the microphone on the platform to amplify their voice safely.

Collections & Donations

We would prefer donations to be made using Paypal (, however

There will be a collection box at the door.  Please avoid touching the contents. Cash will be sanitized and left for 14 days.

There will be no collection during the service or event.

Contact Tracing 

We will be collecting contact details from everyone who comes to an event, for the purposes of contact tracing.  Your details may be passed on to NHS Contact Tracers or other authorities if we are required to do so.

Contact details will be stored securely and kept for 21 days.  

Find out more in our Privacy Policy.


We are using a ticketing system to:

  • Limit Attendance,
  • Allocate Seats,
  • Capture Contact Details.

Book Tickets HERE

⚠️ You must have booked a place at an event before you attend. ⚠️

Physical Distancing

In line with government guidelines, there is strict physical distancing applied in and around the Church building.  In most cases we can keep a distance of two-meters however a distance of 1 meter is mandatory with other controls. 

Entering / Exiting the Building

There is now a ONE-WAY system.
Enter the front of the Church and leave via the Rear Fire Exit.

➡ ➡ ➡ Follow the Arrows ➡ ➡ ➡

When leaving the building those closest to the fire exit should leave first.


The number of seats has been reduced and are separated by a distance of two-meters.  Seating is in pairs so those from the same household (or bubble) may sit together, however different households must remain 2 meters apart.

Chairs are not placed face-to-face.

If you Feel Unwell

Please DO NOT come to Church if you feel unwell, even if you believe it is not Coronavirus.

If you are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus you should contact your doctor or NHS 111 for advice.

Remember: we are broadcasting services online, so you can join in safely from home. 

Sanitizing & Cleaning 

We have increased levels of sanitization and cleaning, particularly at touch points such as entrance/exits, toilets, kitchens, chair-backs.  

60%+ Alcohol Sanitizer is placed around the Church for everyone to use.  We are also using anti-bacterial spray.

Please remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

A cleaning routine takes place before and after events.  In addition, most events have a gap of at least 48 hours between them.

Welfare Facilities 

Toilets will be open but please avoid using them if possible.  Disinfectant and sanitizer is available for before and after use.

Use disposable towels and throw them in the bins provided.


We are increasing ventilation of the Church wherever possible by:

  1. Using the extraction fans in side rooms.
  2. Opening windows.
  3. Opening Doors.

Face Coverings

Face coverings must be worn at events inside the Church.

Those Over 70 or Vulnerable

We are continuing to provide an online streamed service for those who are more vulnerable and decide to stay at home.

Please follow government guidance on shielding.


We will be unable to offer healing after the service.