Chairs for Church

For many years now we have had traditional fixed pews in the main Church which, with some modifications such a cushions, have served us well.

However, these large and heavy items have limited what we have been able to do in the space and in 2017 the committee investigated other seating solutions.


Inter-Locking Chairs

If you’ve visited other Churches you may already have seen inter-locking chairs that can easily be disconnected and rearranged to suit a variety of events.  They are even light enough to stack away to the side if needed.

So the committee has decided that this would be a better solution for the Church.


Funding New Chairs

Unfortunately a change of this scale comes with a cost and although we can recover some money from the pews, we will need to fundraise in order to buy new chairs.  The committee has decided to do this gradually by replacing some rows at a time.


Dedicate a Chair to a Loved One

We would like to invite our Church community to donate the cost of a chair in memory of a loved one or family at the Church.

Your dedication message will be visible on the chair, however please note that this will not be a reserved seat, seating will still be first come first served.


If you are interested in donating towards our Chair Fund, or dedicate a Chair at the full cost, please contact us for more information.